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George Daughtry
· February 27, 2018
From a Former Member of World Gym Lexington
When you first join World Gym at Lexington you will be dazzled by the airy, open space, variety of equipment, the studio classes offered, the water classes ...available, and maybe by the cable video available on each tread mill, bike, and elliptical machine. The wide screen movie theater room will attract some for the feature films and cover of darkness. World gym offers so much for so many varieties of fitness seekers.
After a while you may, if you pay attention or care about details, notice some other features that also come with your membership. Like: weekday mornings when the parking lot will be full ‘cause the classes are so popular, some of the pool and studio classes are so popular that they are crowded to the maximum possible, the studio and some pool classes will have noise levels likely to damage your hearing over time, sometimes all the treadmills and ellipticals will be in use and other areas will be closed for ‘trainers’ to conduct special paid group sessions. When you look closely at the audio-visual equipment on the treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes you may notice that some of the audio ear phone jacks are damaged and some video channel keypads don’t work. Don’t worry, just move along and find one that does work right.
Human nature being what it is you may observe that some of your fellow members occasionally ignore posted gym rules or common courtesy such as exercising barefoot, failing to put up equipment after use or not wiping down the equipment with disinfectant after use, or maybe sitting bare bottomed on the locker room benches. Don’t worry, you can disinfect your hands and avoid touching most of these surfaces. I suggest wearing disposable exam gloves if you are concerned about germs.
You will find that the (men’s) shower stalls have been recently re-tiled and are spacious. Variations in water temperature during your shower will keep you on your toes whenever a toilet is flushed or the water goes cold for no apparent reason.
Staff are all generally friendly and courteous; you will be greeted as you arrive and wished a “Good Day” as you leave.
Enjoy your membership and exercise for life fitness. Be Happy.
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Kevin Milan
· January 31, 2018
Lived in 10 states. Never been to a gym besides here where 95% of grown a$$ adults refuse to wipe down equipment ( before or after use), use towels or re-rack plates. There's a flu outbreak people. An...y given day up to a half-dozen machines out of order as much of it is ready for the Smithsonian. See More
Lisa Ramsey-Belli
· March 12, 2018
Former World Gym Member!!!!! Had to cancel in 2014 due to an injury. Documented by Doctor (as the Gym requested), now in 2018 get a call from collections.... The Gym says I own them membership since ...2014... that I never used. Seems my cancel in person in 2014 and the doctor documentation was not enough for them to understand I could not use (or desire) the membership any longer. Per Leslie, It "auto renews". Worst customer service and customer satisfaction is non existent. I advise a smaller more personal gym... there are several others in town. See More
David Benjamin McClone
· September 28, 2016
You can't ask for much more out of a gym for the price of memberships here! There's every piece of equipment you need to get in shape, or if you're a regular gym goer, get in even better shape. staff, clean environment, plenty of amenities. During peak hours, there is enough equipment that you won't be waiting around. There's a smoothie bar, plenty of other drinks, supplements, clothing, etc. The locker rooms are large and have showers as well as lockers and more.

Whether you're a lifter, looking to lose weight, or just stay in shape, this in an overall great place to be �
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John Pa
· April 20, 2017
Been in the gym for 25+ years, and a member to a TON of gyms in Cali, TX, and GA. I've been a member here for the past 2 yrs while living in Peachtree City, and I can EASILY say its one of the best. ... 2 different gyms with excellent layouts. A lot of investment into to quality equipment. Something for everyone, power lifters, cardio folks, class takers.

Awesome staffs in both locations all day long. From Day 1 always friendly, and make you feel welcome. They keep both locations immaculate(which isn't always common in a lot of today's gyms.) No matter when Im in there, and Im there throughout the day, there is always someone cleaning.

Members are very friendly, alot of experienced people and a lot of newbies to the gymlife. Everyone seems to feel comfortable. Always busy, but never too crowded.

Could go on and on...After 2 years, my best memory of Ptree City will be having 2 QUALITY gyms so close by. Looking forward to moving back to Dallas, just wish I could bring these gyms with me.
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Alli Rose Mitchell
· January 11, 2017
I love this gym and so happy that I joined in April! They offer lots of great classes, have a lot of variety in equipment to use and have the best staff! Everyone is really friendly and helpful and I ...think that's great to have in an environment that can be intimidating for some people. I used to be one of those people but after my first week, I no longer felt that way. See More
Laura Adams Everett
· December 15, 2017
I was impressed with the gym, group classes and all the nice members I met while visiting this gym.
Stephanie Brooks
· April 30, 2017
I love the equipment and friendly staff. The place is clean at all times. However some of their members aren't so pleased to share the gym with people of color. But hey they can get used to it cause I...'m there to improve my body an health. But besides that its an awesome gym. See More
Janine Noel
· August 6, 2017
I've been a member since May and I love it. The staff members are approachable and helpful in every arena. Renee's Cycle Class was awesome as always yesterday.👍🏽
Gay Clarke
· December 15, 2014
As a life long Customer Service Rep; this job is by far my most favorite. I get to talk to lots of interesting and funny members ; and I get to work with a group of super awesome people.I do believe b...etween all the WG locations, we offer just about anything needed to keep in shape for the novice, or even rev up for a competition. See More
Melissa Jackson Hurd
· April 22, 2015
Big thank you to World Gym, Karen and my amazing trainer Ivette Sheek for their time, dedication and Sponsorship on my Journey to Ms. America 2015. Thank you for believing in my non-profit work in "an...ti-bullying" and "domestic violence."
Thank you for the support!
-Melissa Fleming
Ms. Georgia America 2015
"Brave to break the silence. Speak out about domestic violence."
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Tracy Dudley Bowe
· August 28, 2015
I would read all contracts intently and it may not be a bad idea to have your lawyer take a look first! Its my first bad thing I ever had to say about my membership in 9 years! Very disappointed!
Adam Glendye
· January 15, 2016
Excellent equipment, friendly staff, and the people working out at the gym are so nice, friendly, and helpful! Never seen so many people happy at a gym.
Tanisha Sanders
· January 3, 2016
Staff not very friendly or welcoming , it appeared to me that me being there made no difference to them. Unfortunately I was a member at the fayetteville location. Bob was the manager there they alway...s made me feel valued as a member. Friendly and helpful staff. That philosophy was not transferred to the Peachtree location. See More
Joseph Levine
· July 5, 2016
This is my palace where I like to show off. I enjoy the facilities and using the equipmemt to sculpt my body to its top physique
Craig Banks
· May 28, 2016
Great place! I visited from Ohio and had a great workout, a perfect smoothie and wonderful customer service! I'll be back there if I'm in the area again!
Aaron Dadez
· September 20, 2016
Excellent facility, welcomes people of all experience levels from beginner to experienced power lifters. Welcoming staff, and excellent smoothies.
David Whittaker
· December 25, 2016
Great place,great people. All the equipment is top notch ,I couldn't ask for more
Megan Ashley Byrd
· December 12, 2015
Big shout out to World Gym for saying they will charge my brother $6 every time he comes to gym with me, while home from the military for 2 weeks for Christmas! Miss Ultimate Fitness!
Dominique Woodson
· December 20, 2015
I am an endomorph and I am free to be a king of the beast here
What a merry time the kids had visiting Santa at WORLD GYM! This truly is a family place where memories can be made. Love seeing these kids grow and happy to have their parents as members!
Had a blast supporting Sara Harp Minter this morning with their annual Turkey Trot 5k! 🦃
Mastering the seesaw squat in Brycie’s Thursday 6:30am class!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Way to go!!!!

WG Gorilla Sighting!!!!

Anyone up for an Aqua class today?

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