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We need to do the hard work of making sense of where we came from because unresolved parents are less responsive to their kids’ needs. We tend to get stuck when things get tough. We struggle to reject “me” vs. “you” thinking and can't embrace a mindset of togetherness.

Child sponsorship through Lifesong for Orphans, because every child deserves to know God loves them.

When it comes to family preservation and orphan care, perhaps nothing is more impactful than child sponsorship. Click here to see waiting children ...

The Wall Street Journal interviewed some people that we have met. Hope you enjoy this great article.

Families appreciate the popular NBC program’s realistic depiction of their often complicated lives.

Need some encouragement? Check out Mike Berry's blog Confessions of An Adoptive Parent and preorder his book. They spoke at Refresh Chicago last year.

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Confessions of An Adoptive Parent was live.

We're just ONE WEEK AWAY from the official debut of Mike's new book Confessions Of An Adoptive Parent. Have you pre-ordered? When you do you get a bunch of FREE... swag. Plus, we're working hard to get this book on best-seller lists. How cool would it be to see an adoption book right up there. You can help us make that happen. Visit today to pre-order your copy!

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CapeAble weighted products supply an input to the nerves that is pleasing and comforting. Many children from hard places benefit from constant sensory input. Read more to find out the science behind this.

We offer dignified and fashionable weighted blankets, weighted wearables, and sensory enrichment tools using lush quality fabrics and materials.

Every child deserves a family. Join us in praying for the children in Ethiopia.

America World is heartbroken to share the news that Ethiopia’s parliament has voted to officially end intercountry adoption. After abundant years of support of intercountry adoption and thousands of adoptions, we are deeply saddened by this change in the law. The news of the change was only posted...

How will you make a positive impact for children this year within Woven Together?
-pray for the forgotten
-provide birthday cards
-volunteer at the Together for Adoption simulcast
-lead the beach towel drive in May...
-make muffins for 5K for Orphans

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How will you make a positive impact for the Gospel this year within Woven Together?
-provide birthday cards
-attend or volunteer at the Charity Ball
-volunteer at the Together for Adoption simulcast
-lead the beach towel drive in May...
-make muffins for 5K for Orphans

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Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift! 2 Corinthians 9:15

As we get ready to celebrate Christmas and the wonder of the Incarnation, let's not forget those children who are alone in this world, without families. It's our prayer that none of these children will be alone next Christmas.

Need a gift for an adoptive parent? Here's a blog with some suggestions.

One of our greatest passions is equipping foster, adoptive, and special needs parents with the best resources available. Recently, I compiled a list of the top 7 books every foster, adoptive, and special needs parents should read.

"Coco is a story of search, reunion, secrecy, and identity. It is one of the most adoption-relevant films I’ve reviewed, even though the film is not about adoption."

Adoption Movie Reviews and Discussion Guides

It's been a month since Orphan Sunday. Don't forget to follow up on whatever your heart committed to that day!

Pray for aged-out youth during Christmas and those college students on break having nowhere to stay. Pray for a safe and warm place to spend Christmas along with a loving family/ to wrap their arms around lonely individuals.

Helpful content from Kristin & Mike Berry on The Forgotten Initiative podcast about challenges at school.

Parents of foster and adoptive children often face additional considerations in school situations regarding the well-being of their child. Mike and Kristin Berry, adoptive parents of eight and advocates for foster care and adoption, talk about some of the things parents need to remember when talking...