The WPAOG has made some changes to its meeting schedule for the foreseeable future. The new meeting dates until the summer are as follows:

Thursday February 22nd
Wednesday March 14th
Wednesday April 11th...
Thursday April 26th
Wednesday May 9th
Thursday May 24th
Wednesday June 13th
Thursday June 28th
Wednesday July 19th

We welcome visitors and new members, but if you are new to the Group we ask that you contact us before your visit. Please call one of the following numbers:

07791 209878
07950 161577
07835 090651

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Shot the night after super Moon. Both cropped but the close up is heavily cropped just to see how far i could push it.

Image may contain: sky, night and outdoor
Image may contain: night and outdoor

Trying out a new lens, taken this afternoon

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Provisional meeting dates for 2018:

January - Wed 10th, Fri 26th
February - Wed 7th, Fri 23rd
March - Wed 14th, Fri 30th...
April - Wed 11th, Fri 27th
May - Wed 9th, Fri 25th
June - Wed 13th, Fri 29th
July - Fri 27th
August - Fri 31st
September - Wed 12th, Fri 28th
October - Wed 10th, Fri 26th
November - Wed 14th, Fri 30th
December - Wed 12th

So the normal pattern will again be second Wednesday and last Friday of the month. Exceptions are February, when the Wednesday meeting is the first Wednesday of the month, and July, August and December, when there is only one meeting.

Clear skies all!

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Something a bit different. 2 of the brightest planets in the sky put on a show this morning just before sunrise. Venus the brightest one and Jupiter came together in line of sight. Venus is 1.6 Astronomical Units (AU) away from the Earth while Jupiter is 6.39 AU away. 1 AU is 93,000,000 miles
OLY EM1 mkii 12-100 lens
ISO 250 f5.4 1/2 sec hand held through my bedroom window.

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Wed 7:30 PM UTCThe National Stone CentreWirksworth, United Kingdom
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Fri 7:30 PM UTC+01National Stone Centre
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Wed 7:30 PM UTC+01The National Stone CentreWirksworth, United Kingdom
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The planet Venus shinning above the Snake Pass

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Probably the best shot I got of the eclipsed Sun, with Regulus below left

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Star trails at Magpie Mine last night with Nigel Bradbury

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The crescent Moon & Venus, this morning from my bedroom window

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A trip up to the StarDisc on Tuesday night. added the drone in PS

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Crescent Moon & Jupiter on the left. Shot a few evenings ago.
Tonight on channel 3 Countrywise at 20:00 there is a bit on Galloway's Dark Skies Park, nor sure if its astronomy though.

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