"The Today Show" did a feature on Aussie drifter Jake "DriftSquid" Jones. A great segment for educating your family and friends worldwide who don't understand why your always broke, greasy and bleeding. Here's the link, check it out!…/vid…/the-fast-and-furious/x9foa9j…

Tit for tat with the Federal Tyres 2JZ R34

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just waiting for a mate
(brendan) heres a video of simon and myself at stadium drift stanthorpe on sunday, best fun!
Brendan- had a rad day on Sunday! Here's a clip from the top 8 battles with our friend Christian bedewi

It's important to have the family together over Easter. These 2 are missing the Cressida though!

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Progress over the weekend on the RB S14, dan cut the rear guards off and rejoined the skins some 50mm or so higher to allow his 18x10 Gramlights room to travel.

Hashtag hashtag

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Car #4

It begins...

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If we were to do a budget brawler battle car build, would you guys want us to share the build here? All the ups and downs, the corner cutting and dodgy rig-ups required to get on the track for next to no money? Yes or no?

Welcome car #3!

Dan Rasell moved into the shed and wouldn't leave a few months ago, so it's about time we posted a pic of his RB25 s14 in the build.

Watch this space to keep up to date with his build!

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We at WDC are not the kind of crew to hassle you about liking pages, twerking twitters or whatever people do these days, so you know the link we're about to post, is serious.

Long time personal friend, team sponsor(Field-Garage Australia),family man, beer tester, firefighter and all round heart throb Beau Hanlon is about to take on his "Bikes 4 Burns" long distance ride once again, almost 900KM on a Fixie!

Every year beau busts his ass to raise close to $5000 for the burns vi...ctims unit for children. This is truely a selfless act from the nicest guy in the game.

We will be donating, and it would mean a lot to us if our fans could help Beau realise his goal of $4000, he is half way!
Here's the link. And any little bit helps!

Thank you for aiding Beau on his journey by liking and sharing this post!

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"Get in there nice and deep like boy"

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Gave it to much plugger and...

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The onevia is finished and straight back into full swing, we are pretty happy with how it turned out!

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Blood sweat and beers, onevia is almost ready.

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Pretty much sums it up

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It was a busy weekend for us!
The New Cressida shell had its tubs cut and interior stripped, and the onevia copped a new coat of paint. We're looking forward to unveiling both cars!

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It has been a busy weekend, but the onevia is half way through its makeover. The old girl should see colour by next weekend. New overs, kit and colour, it's not going to know itself!

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A local dude had a go at recreating our onevia on a com-pu-tor.

Not bad! Unfortunately for him in a week it's not gonna look anything like this

Cheers Alan Peacock for the mouse time

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