Vinni: I may have a thing about Slavic/Eastern European folklore.

“In Slavic Folklore, the Nocnitsa is a demon that torments children while they sleep at night. Mothers will sometimes place a knife under their children’s cradles, or draw a circle around the child with a knife for protection (illustration Marta Emillia)”

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In Polish and Czech folklore, Bubak is a scarecrow who hides on riverbanks, with the ability to cry like a newborn baby to lure adults and children. He makes clothes from the souls of the people he has killed
(Illustration Max Hugo)


Vinni: I killed an ostrich because it was ruining my campground's property values. #MonsterHunter #RespectForNature

Kim forgot that #FFXV #Comrades is multiplayer and therefore unpausible. He came back to find his AI partners had done the mission without him...

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Welcome to the #YearofTheDog!
"The Dog does his best to protect high-integrity people & support their cause"... sounds like some good doggos we know.
Happy #LunarNewYear everyone!

Just finished #SweetToothSalaryman on @netflix . We apologize to no one for watching all that #FoodPorn. #MoreThanYouKnow

Office's web layout mode is enough to make me drive a pencil through my eye. -Vinni #PetPeeves #Hyperbole

Roses are red, Violets are blue, to all Catholics, it's Ash Wednesday, too. #ValentinesDay #AshWednesday #conflictingholidays #youlose

Imagine coming home to this in the dark!


Stayed up way too late watching #Galileo on @Crunchyroll. Why even bother sleeping?

We, uh, might need to assemble an adventuring party... #tabletop

“Download this new Old Spice Gentleman Class for the greatest role playing game of all time, which we cannot mention for legal reasons, to fulfill that fantasy dream you have always had since reading this post.

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Hello friends! If you liked the cookbook and want to show your support for it, please consider donating to Vision Aid Overseas (@_VAO) to help give vision care to those in need! It's the type of cause Iggy would approve, after all ❤️ #HBDIgnis

Yay! Thank you @CookingWithIggy for all the hard work!

“Happy birthday Ignis! To celebrate, please enjoy the FREE and COMPLETE version of The Unofficial FFXV Community Cookbook! Huge thanks, all contributors. You guys...are the best. 💖 ✨ ✨ @FFXVEN @RayChase @ACroasdell @RobbieDaymond @Joncampling”

Adventure games are the best.

“This is definitely my fav death from Peasant's Quest. Adventure game programmers are such jerks!

Vinni: That's the face I make when strangers hug me.

“Everyone deserves a hug today, even #BadtzMaru! #NationalHuggingDay

There's probably more reasons NOT to keep us around, but I LOVE accentuating the positives!

“every single one of these facts is ABSOLUTELY TRUE

Now, here us out: veteran bad ass PunchCop must team up with his arch-rival KickCommando to take down a new adversary GunPerp in a journey full of laughter, tears, and explosions that none of them are looking at. #RejectedStoryIdeas #BadStory #ButSeriously