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Refugees in Israel - International Solidarity

Israel deports African refugees - Background

On New Year’s Eve, 2006, hundreds of Sudanese refugees were brutally killed and wounded during a peaceful sit-in ...protest in Cairo, against the UNHCR’s failure to deal with their asylum requests. In the aftermath of the Mustafa Mahmud slaughter, persecuted Sudanese refugees were forced to seek an escape route and ended up in Israel. Tens of thousands of persecuted Eritreans, fleeing dictatorship, followed the lethal migrant route through the Sinai Desert to Israel. Many were held and tortured in slave camps in Sinai. There are currently about 35,000 African refugees in Israel plus 5,000 children who were born in Israel.

In 2009, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) transferred responsibility for RSD’s to Israel’s Interior Ministry. To date, Israel has recognized about 10 refugees. For comparison, the global average is 70-90% recognition rate for Eritrean and Sudanese refugees.

In 2014, Israel began it’s deportation policy, pressuring African refugees to consent to return to third states. To elicit ‘voluntary’ consent, refugees were persecuted and sent to ‘Holot’ detention center Israeli human rights organizations fought this policy in the High Court of Justice, with moderate success lowering what was initially an unlimited detention period to one year. Local and international human rights organizations brought evidence that Israel deceived refugees by promising protection in third states, but was actually sending them back to their states of origin, from which they fled. Thereby, Israel violated the fundamental principle of international refugee law- Non-Refoulment- with the full knowledge of the UNHCR. An estimated 6000 Sudanese refugees, returned by Israel to Khartoum, Sudan, were murdered, tortured, raped, or held under tight surveillance. About 2500 Eritrean refugees, returned by Israel to Eritrea, faced a similar fate. Other refugees, deported to Rwanda and Uganda, were stripped of all their documents and belongings, arrested, tortured, raped, and left with no protection.

On 1.1.2018, Israel announced a new FORCED deportation policy, approved by the High Court of Justice., according to which ALL AFRICAN REFUGEES ARE TO BE FORCEFULLY DEPORTED to Rwanda or Uganda or otherwise FACE INDEFINITE CRIMINAL DETENTION.. Rwanda and Uganda have so far denied an official deal with Israel, or their intention to provide these refugees with protection or refugee status. Israel, on the other hand, announced it is SELLING refugees to Rwanda for 5000$ per head.

Stop Israel's forced deportation and human trafficking of African refugees.

Join us. Refugees4Sale 22.1 Storm

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Today 25_10_2017 I had a meeting with a group called (Acholi arts and folklore) they do send their message about problem which is happening in south sudan since 1955 till now that, they are tired of war. They are calling and cry out loud for real peace to happen they (said) through solidarity, exchanges, awareness and education, things could be a bit better than the conflict. Thought dance, songs, drama we send our message (Director of Acholi arts and folcklore)

this is a south Sudanese refugee woman in Egypt with two children one is 5 and 3. She is a single Mother, no any support from anybody, no education for the children. She is full of fear, I see only night every time, she (says). She cried loud and she says help my children ,while they we seeping on the ground I looked around but I found no bed or anything for them to sleep on( suffering). people, children are dying in fron of us. What is the offence of these innocents ? Rise rise rise

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World Refugees let Fear Go Tour,
have reached 7 European countries (Britain, Spain, Denmark, Italy, France, Netherlands and Switzerland. please support us to make the tour continue.


this is in Zürich ( Nuk) one of the places where refugees are put, in one room 4-6 people


This is ''autonomic school Zurich'' and World refugees let fear go tour, action from 1-3-9-2017

my workshop, you are all invited: workshop about liquid union, @oplatz regarding and privacy at 19:00, kafe karanfil - mahlower st 7

map liquid union: regathering oplatz, while telling the true story of oplatz, by the people of oplatz and in oplatz: privacy: end2end encryption 4 groups with gpg4usb , for more see: Postnational solutions
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May 23, 2017
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World refugees let fear go

Blacks and Whites Together for Human Rights/ Oranienplatz history of struggle, we the refugees/activists organized the movement at Oranienplatz for one and half year, during the struggle we also found out that fear is the mores controllable thing in the refugees world that we should fight it first as to be free from it and face the reality. It is very difficult for someone to fight for the right while she/he conquered by fear.
Also trainings, exc...

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The demonstration in France on the 31-3-2017 it was against the deportation to Sudan.