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Jai Shri College is open to students yearning for global career opportunities in the hospitality industry. shared a link.
January 23
Harry Potter, a very famous fiction story that rules over a heart of millions of people irrespective of their ages and is always appreciated and loved by i
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David E Gleason
· January 5, 2018
What's going on with GMail? Every 2 minutes, I am prompted to log in, which I try to do, but then I get a blank window that says, "Enter the password for Gmail," but there is no field displayed, it's... all grey. and it never goes away. I go to Preferences, and it says, "You are already logged in." Then I get another prompt to log in! I've been trying to complete this for hours; any suggestions? On a Mac Mini, MacOS 10.12.6. See More
Andy Hall
· January 10, 2018
Please help!
My gmail has not worked on 4 apples devices now for over 24 hours!
I’ve deleted and added back the accounts and now I can’t even add the account back onto my iPad and iPhone....
The account is on my MacBook and Mac, but won’t work ... Apple say it’s a gmail issue and there is nobody to speak with at Gmail!
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Nicole Smith
· January 24, 2018
I brought my son a smartphone today because he starts highschool next week and I want to be able to contact him when needed and for him to be able to contact me. Its an android so it requires a gmail ...account as part of the phone set-up. I put in his details and because of his age he requires a parental managing account. To verify that I am an adult I have to put in my credit card details so google can withdraw 1c. It wont accept either of my credit cards and tells me that an error has occurred and to try again later. This goes on for a while. Same result all the time. So I search for a phone line to google to resolve the problem. I eventually find one and call it.
I explain the problem then the conversation goes like this........
Google Person (GP): Just change his date of birth.
Me: I don't want to change his date of birth because I want the parental control features that allow me to monitor his account.
GP: Then you will just have to wait.
Me: That's your solution? Just wait?
GP: Yes mam.
Me: Can I have a reference number for this call please?
GP: Yes mam. Your reference number is
234 789.
Me: (writes it down and looks at it) My reference number is 234 789?
GP: Yes mam.
Me: Did you just make that up?
GP: Yes mam. Your reference number is
234 789.

234 789 - as if! He blew me off then gave me a bogus reference number.

#googlesupport #whatajoke
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Trandafir Iulian
· January 23, 2018
For over two years I receive some other guy‘s emails, because that guy created his email address using a name which was one of the aliases that google assigned to my address without even asking, and a...lso Google allowed this!!! I guess that he also receives my emails, so I have repeatedly tried to contact Google about this, but got absolutely no answer. Ever! Great job, Google! See More
Kory Scott
· January 9, 2018
I found this web-based mail service to be good; However, I just tried to install the Gmail notifier and Gmail cheeker apps on my Linux pc, change my password, changed the setting on and off everything... I could think off. After set up and all I would get a mail telling me to secure my account and it just says logging in ( cheek) GM notifier says invalid ( config) and failed when looking. So I ended up uninstalling the apps as they do not work. Are U getting rid of these apps or what? See More
Aaron Williams
· January 15, 2018
It's kind of like an experience that you don't ever do twice like you think it would be cool to sleep with a virgin and then you do and they don't know shit and it's so boring so anyway Ricardo if you... see this you're a little bitch can't believe you block me what the fuck ever maybe when you're over 15 I was just messing with you but I guess you got your panties in a wad so I guess you can just go fuck yourself beeotch hahaha See More
Jesse Rose
· January 6, 2018
Someone hacked my account and changed the password. As i try to reset my password, sending verification codes to my phone number on the account AND my old email isn’t enough verify who i am?!

How am... i supposed to recover my email? There is no one i can speak to. No one i can chat with to recover my account. And as of now, someone has access to my account and everything inside of it!!

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Christine Collins
· January 24, 2018
I had to have my phone number change and I've taken off the two-step but Gmail put it back on and now I can't get into my account add to change my real number you guys need to fix this
Aqab Ullah
· January 20, 2018
I am using gmail since 10 years ,i think it is best rather than others like yahoo etc. It play an important role in our daily life .it is mostly usable easy to access everyone can easily approach it.I...t is not beyond the limit of human beings . See More
Kristin Figueroa
· January 10, 2018
Gmail, I am having trouble changing my account’s user name. When I try to change it, it says I can only change it once in 90 days. However, the name it currently shows was made in error and I have to ...change it right away. How can I do this before 90 days? See More
Zy Aquino
· January 16, 2018
Hi good day, is there any option where I can recover my gmail?
What happened was my SIM card was expired and there’s no way to re-activate it as per the network I am using,that number is also use in recovery email. Kindly assists. See More
Cam Carter
· January 10, 2018
Rip offs. I can't remove my account from my daughters phone. Everytime she opens gmail it automatically goes to my account and she can't sign into hers. I rang gmail for support and they want to charg...e me $150. You think the mongrels would help so our family still use their products. See More
Charlene Pickett
· January 16, 2018
What's up with my gmail account every time I try to log in I find that its not there what's the problem that's why I hate Google you people must be hooked up with that money grubbing racist fool you c...all president. See More
Janet Coultham
· January 9, 2018
Getting fed up with them keep on changing it I can't get in to my emails with ease constantly having to log in or sign it so annoying
Doris Gantz Bresser
· February 14, 2018
I dislike this new g-mail. Cannot get on the sites I need and is more confusing. I wish I had stayed with my older system. This is a royal pain in the a**.
Jamal Joyner
· January 22, 2018
Sorry service. Dumb techs, How am i supposed to remember when i created my account? that was 8+ years ago? My phone is broke and and i cant get in my email cause your techs are stupid and cant verify account with the correct password. Going back to microsoft See More
Robin Ogilvie
· January 6, 2018
My emails in my Gmail.,has stopped syncing as November 27 and i haven't been able to get any emails since. My Facebook account settings show I have received a number of emails in last 2 days but can't... find them. See More
Gleann Doherty
· January 10, 2018
My son rest his mobile phone 42 days ago and when he tried to sign in th his phone again it said that 'because of a recent password change he would have to wait 24 hours and try again' well that was 4...2 days ago. Factory reset protection. His phone is locked. See More
Harry Nicholson
· January 18, 2018
I used to like Gmail, but for months now I can only access it through my browser or on my phone. I prefer to use Mozilla Thunderbird which keeps copies of everything on my computer. Back to Hotmail for me.
Teda Sicad
· January 24, 2018
Pls help! Why is it cannot open my gmail account? I cant even retrieve it because its locked already. I was tryna fix it since last week but, theirs no progress. I just need to check an important mail. Thanks!
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