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Namtaräum here, announcing a new video release for my other project, Uls De Tol. The entire album is represented in the video. Tracklist: 1. the desire of the moth for the star at least saves him satiety 2. be thou more greedy than the shark, more full of yearning than the wind among the pines Download the album for free at #depressiverock #darkambient #depressive #blackenedrock #UlsDeTol #WufruneWorxx #Underground #Enochian #Crowley Hails To: Abandoned by Light, Desperation - DSBM, Dotzd, Dark Priest, Zimorog, The Depressick, Cult Of Mourning, @give suicide a chance, Dödsfärd, Doomvoid VIIV, Tenebrositas, HaatE, Eyjafjallajökull, Forgotten Path Magazine, Underground Metal One Man Bands Promotion
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Natanas - Men Whistle in the Trees

The cosmos, bleak
Care is a chemical
Of love you speak ...
Tarnished crucible

No one cares if you live or die
Forgotten past a generation
Toughen up wipe tears from eye
Marching to perihelion

All song writing, lyrics, instrumentation and vocals performed by Namtaräum, recorded in June of 2017 at Natanas Studios in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

©℗ 2017 Namtaräum (Nathaniel Leveck), All Rights Reserved.

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7 track album

I was interviewed for this episode of Northwest Scene Report and it features the track Inconsolable from Men Whistle in the Trees. Check it out.

It's up, it's bigger and better than before. We have two interviews with Tyler Arnold of Jedi Alliance and Nathaniel Leveck a.k.a. Namtaraum. Exclusive premiers... of two, count 'em two, tracks. AND we wipe the dust off of the CDs and bring 'em out. Also, some heavy stuff happened this week to a ton of homies and we'll be touching on some ways to help them out.

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Natanas updated their cover photo.
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Natanas updated their profile picture.
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Lilith and the Serpent / Coffin Hag Split up now on Namtaräum Productions Bandcamp page.

Both projects are the brain-children of Bukavac. Lilith and the Serpent is a psychedelic sludge outfit with ethereal female vocals. Coffin Hag is doom metal in a traditional vein, well crafted and catchily executed. I am a fan of both of these bands and of Bukavac in general.

This release is name your price. A six track album packed with soul and vigor, foreboding and redemption. Click the link below to download...

From the latest episode of Metalcastmx:…/episodio-88-programa-14-04-17-audios…

El nuevo Episodio ya en linea con nuevos albums de esta semana y colaboración de dos peticiones esperemos les agrade con música de#Natanas, Lichborne, HAARP Official, Possession - Band, Nacho Espejoy Draghoria... Esperemos Disfruten este episodio metalcasters.#PorqueElMetalNosUne



1.- Natanas – Withered (2017) - 01. Snowflake 09:24
2.- Lichborne – Lichborne [ep] (2017) - 01. To Fall From Grace
3.- H.A.A.R.P. - El jodido Thrash
4.- Possession – Exorkizein (2017) - 02 Sacerdotium
5.- Nacho Espejo - Debo Dejarte Marchar
6.- Draghoria - Draghoria - Awaken the Wicked

twitter: @metalcastmx
facebook: /metalcastmx/
instagram: @metalcastmx
youtube: @Metalcast.MX

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Escucha y descarga los episodios de MetalcastMX gratis. Mas de lo nuevo en esta semana lleno de muho Black Metal, Thrash Metal y Rock, esperemos les guste amigos y sobre todo disfruten este episodio. Programa: MetalcastMX. Canal: MetalcastMX. Tiempo: 57:12 Subido 14/04 a las 02:02:01 18137893
Natanas shared a link.
Natanas - Withered (FULL ALBUM) (DSBM) (Depressive Black Metal) 2017, United States 01. Snowflake (0:00) 02. Poseidon (9:24) 03. Hades (19:13) https://natana...

április 9.

from the album Withered
Natanas updated their cover photo.
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Withered is released. A malevolent collection of hatred and despair. Name your price on bandcamp and soon on

3 track album

The entire Natanas catalog has been uploaded to all subsequent releases will be there too. I have not decided absolutely on whether to completely write off my bandcamp. In any case, I will never delete it in deference to paying fans. or


Gathered Dispersal Halted is available now straight from me. No more middle men. Name your price on

I have posted it as MP3 320 and FLAC

Click on the link below:

Natanas updated his status.

So, tags have been inoperative on the Natanas band camp page for a few weeks. I had sent five emails and made phone calls about it (the number is findable if you're resourceful). Nothing. They flat out ignore me.

Today I blitzed them, emailing their venture capitalist, their CEO, CTO, other founders, senior support staff, et al- directly. Within an hour I had my reply. They had flagged my last album as a terms of service violation and removed it. They have restored my tags. T...hey objected to my song "The Anal Raping of Youthful Smugness". Now sexual violence towards a concept is an offense. Fucking snowflakes.

Due to a crash, I don't have the masters to this album, or a copy for that matter. I was able to find a copy as FLAC files on a Russian site. Props go out to the pirates for saving my ass.

I want Mr. Dexter and Mr. Jamison to know that I'll refund your money personally if you'd like, DM this page.

Anyone know of a music store I can use that respects free speech and artistic freedom?

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Natanas updated their cover photo.
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Natanas - Gathered Dispersal Halted

This album devolves, decays like yesterday's apple, or the love you thought one so dear held for you.

3 track album