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X-Lab is a future-focused policy and technology development institute that anticipates the disruptions and dystopian outcomes of tech policy decisions.
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The Facebook checkin at Standing Rock is a turning point for surveillance activism, says X-Lab researcher Jeff Landale in the Christian Science Monitor. "Without more transparency into the modern surveillance tools that police are using around the country, it's impossible to know where law enforcement is crossing the line and violating long-standing boundaries to protect privacy and First Amendment rights."…/Standing-Rock-check-in-marks-tur…

While it's unknown if the Facebook check-in campaign to support pipeline protesters at the Standing Rock is effective, it shows protesters are pushing back against online surveillance.

We've joined with 75 other public interest groups in calling on the FCC to protect consumers in the digital age…/0B1TbK3kkG-mGN04yX0Y5X0FjakU/view


We're with America's entrepreneurs calling on the FCC to reform the broken business data services market. Read the letter here:…/up…/2016/08/Startup-BDS-Letter.pdf

In case you missed it: Sascha Meinrath's and James Losey's "In Defense of the Digital Craftsperson" on the rise of digital feudalism was published in the Journal of Peer Production.

Keywords:Keywords: Internet-of-things, Internet architecture, network commons, DRM, remixing, 21st century ownership, privacy, digital feudalism

We've joined a bipartisan group calling on Congress to strengthen oversight of the intelligence community. Read the letter to Congressional leaders here:…/Strengthening_Congressional_Over…

X-Lab fellow Karl Grindal and X-Lab researcher Jeff Landale call for a progressive cybersecurity policy platform after the status quo preserving Democrat Party Platform's cybersecurity plank is released.…/Opinion-A-better-tech-platform-f…

The 2016 Democratic Party Platform fails to offer meaningful improvements to national tech policy that would improve cybersecurity. But Americans deserve a plan that would strengthen networks, bolster security, and safeguard civil liberties.

"The caucus won't be going it alone attempting to tackle Fourth Amendment issues. Operating independently from the caucus but working with them is the Fourth Amendment Advisory Committee. Their goal will be to advise the caucus and other lawmakers in areas where Fourth Amendment issues intersect with the law and most particularly technology. The steering board for the advisory committee includes a cross-section of tech and civil liberties experts from across the cultural and ideological spectrum."…/14/the-fourth-amendment-gets-its-own-ho…

Coalition of 25 bipartisan lawmakers organizes against unwarranted surveillance and data collection.

"With so many technologists voicing concerns about #CFAA’s impact on the field, only the woefully ignorant would suppose that it has no detrimental impact on security research." Sascha Meinrath on the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act in the Christian Science Monitor Passcode's latest Influencers poll.

In a survey, Passcode's pool of digital security and privacy experts say a key antihacking law – the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act – obstructs necessary security research.

A Good American tells the story of NSA analyst and whistleblower Bill Binney, and how our security was sold. You can support the film's nationwide rollout on the Kickstarter page below.

Please help us get A Good American into cinemas across the US and Europe! Please support our Kickstarter campaign and get great perks for it! xxx

A codebreaker genius called Bill Binney, a revolutionary surveillance program named ThinThread, and corruption across the board of NSA.

"Clinton's tech platform ignores nearly all of the big problems." Sascha Meinrath on the tech policy platform the people need.…/Opinion-A-progressive-tech-platf…

Hillary Clinton's tech agenda doesn't address the most pressing digital issues. The US deserves a tech platform that defends privacy, protects the public from discriminatory algorithms, and ensures that innovation doesn't just benefit the wealthy.

Everything you always wanted to know about #ECTR changes but were afraid to ask, by X-Lab Fellow Marcy Wheeler…/key-details-about-the-mitch-m…/

Key Details about the Mitch McConnell Bid to Expand FBI Surveillance Published June 21, 2016 | By emptywheel As I noted, one of the two poison pills that stalled (if not killed) ECPA reform in the Senate Judiciary Committee a few weeks back was a John Cornyn amendment that would give the FBI authori...
The U.S. government wants to use an obscure procedure—amending a federal rule known as Rule 41— to radically expand their authority to hack. Ask your representatives to reject the changes to Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure by passing the Stopping Mass Hacking Act.

Join me. Tell Congress that U.S. government agents shouldn’t use an obscure loophole in the law to hack into our computers.

Yesterday, our rockstar social media & PR intern Vince Ferraiuolo had his last day with X-Lab. Thanks so much for your hard work, Vincent! We wish you the best of luck in your next adventures.

X-Lab Founder Sascha Meinrath explains an unbelievable ruling made on Tuesday that will continue to shape our tech privacy into a lost dream rather then reality.…/Opinion-Court-s-location-data-ru…

A US appeals court ruing that the government doesn't need a warrant to track location data is a troubling development that further whittles away...

X-Lab along with and 17 other organizations support new rules proposed by the FCC.

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