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  • Sales/Marketing2017 to presentSalt Lake City, Utah
    Sales, Account Support and Marketer for commerical drone operations.
  • Producer Director2016 to presentTaylorsville, Utah
    Director of in-house and live streaming video at the Salt Lake City Stars.
  • Video Editor2014 to presentNorth Ogden, Utah
  • Video EditorOctober 2012 to April 2014Ogden, Utah
    Edit, shoot and script videos per the needs of Top Ten Reviews.
  • Video EditorMarch 2012 to May 2012Woods Cross, Utah
    Make videos mate.
  • Director/ProducerSeptember 2011 to March 2012Ogden, Utah
    Director and Producer of the Ogden Mustangs Hockey broadcast.
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  • I'm here for music. Pretty much, yeah, um,I am going to weber state university. If you go to weber and you have seen someone going by you screaming obscenities on a longboard and nearly knocking you over, that was probably me. Longboarding is one of the best things in the world. There are 4 things worth living for in this world. Motocross, Music, and Longboarding, and my soon to be wife, Katarina Myers. Music makes the world go round, and i'm not talking about your anything that's on the radio. I hate the radio, i haven't listened to it in over 7 years, all they play is metallica, bleh, stinking metallica, and their fans are worse, schmetallica. What else, well my life pretty much revolves around music. And i love sitting on my roof and watching storms, lightning and such, so cool. sometimes i just get cravings for meat, I love churros, from costco. In fact i think that costco is pretty much the most amazing place ever to be concieved by the proprietors of retail. I ride motorcycles, road and dirt. No i can't do supermans or backflips. Racing is better. I like to skip class and hang out, and play four square with all of my friends from school. I'm LDS, or if you prefer Mormon. I am a Conservative and very proud of that fact, I don't like guitar hero, and don't like that when i tell people i play guitar the first thing they ask is if i'm good at guitar hero, no, i'm not, it's not even close. I also hate when people tell me to play something cool, because of the hundreds of thousands of songs out there the likelihood that i know something you think is cool is not very big, plus my musical tastes are even more obscure so the likelihood gets even worse. I hate when people only tip their servers a dollar, i'm a server and they'll hate you less if you leave nothing. give em a few more bucks, it's no skin off your nose to give them a few bucks more, what's the difference of a few bucks to you? nothing compared to what it does for the server. Skull candy headphones are the best headphones you'll ever buy. I'm totally obsessed with my zune, if they started giving out extra limbs, instead of an extra arm i would get a zune. No it's not like an ipod, it's a million times better, if you're curious ask me, i could go on about it for an hour and a half, so ask at your own risk and be prepared to think that your ipod was the biggest waste of 250 bucks you ever spent, and if you spent it on an ipod touch, or iphone, i feel even that much worse for you, but it's offset by the fact that i am secretly laughing internally at you. in case you can't tell from the above, i think that macs are probably the biggest waste of money ever. pain in the ass they are. don't tell me it's because i have no experience because i have many hours of attempts and video editing on them, and still, i HATE THEM, and don't try to convince cause i will apox on your profile.
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