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I see the coffins
at the bottom of the mountain
open caskets and broken hearts
110 years of empty promises
their blood still raging in my veins

from Aramia/Арамия (2014)
Voyvoda updated their cover photo.
March 21
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From Draz mah'la to Malashevtsi
charcoal turns to woe

ниiе се велефме Voyvoda и благодариме за подкрепата синокя...

Niie and have for support sinokya...
Гергана Гугунска was live — with Maksim Stoimenov and 3 others at Club Terminal 1.

Voyvoda uber alles!
пп: мицата като късен антъни кийдис

22 декември 1908
"Банки дигнаа палати,
Банки нови имами.
кондури друзи коваат
с мотики гроб ни копаат ...
нагоре кула висока
надолу земя длабока
от сичко носат каймакот
мъката нам оставаат!"

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from Aramia/Арамия(2014) footage filmed in Hamburg by Steffen von Fleisch

30 декември во Терминал 1 - първиот (и последен концерт) на Voyvoda за тази или следната петилетка...

Fri 9:00 PM UTC+02Club Terminal 1Sofia, Bulgaria
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We count time only from Zadusnitsa to Zadushnitsa...

from Iztok out on Feb. 7th on afmusic староверец пещера копае черногледец времето дълбае а мъртвите мълчат слепи човеците пълзят староверец чернокапец старов...

We love the real Misfits and hope the reunion will continue and reach our dirty black shores soon...this is us (with Serge on drums and Kalin on synth) struggling to conquer Plovdiv with "Where Eagles Dare" in 2008

a little off-key in Plovdiv 2008

след малко в София!!!

After a while in Sofia!!!
Fri 7:00 PM UTC+03Underground gallery/studioSofia, Bulgaria
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111 summers later...
църно, църно, му било пишано...

from A Year of Elegies EP feat. Dimitar Talev and a collection of historic pictures from Macedonia!

every town a state
every village a fiefdom
barbwire fences
nuclear powerplants

Live in Shoplandia - 26.10.2013 Songs: 1. Staroverets 0:00 2. The Man in The White Coat 02:06 3. No Passports 03:55 4. War.Peace.War 07:27 5. Boylover James ...

Every year, when the 10th of April comes
and the sun sets over our dying continent,
we shake the dust off our tamburas
and play songs in praise of Lazo Papa Traikoff
"Ай, да кажем Бог да прости, Лазо папа Трайков -...
първиот и най-голем костурски начелник"

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from Aramia/Арамия (2014) the footage used is from the legendary Arseni Yovkov/Georgi Zankov film "Macedonia in Pictures" from 1923

Dr. Avalanche is jealous, 'cause our lovely, well-behaved and deeply cultured drummer Max has been endorsed by Vater Drumsticks... те сакаме Максо!

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Mental Architects

Thanks to Vater Drumsticks Official Fan Page for endorsing me and letting me into their big family. I'll try and do my Funk Blasters proud, because those sticks... have been really good friends to my arms and vicious enemies to my drum heads in the past few years. Thanks for reading & #switchtovater


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The history of the world in 1 minute and 17 seconds
(live from Skopje)

Alternativno Skopje - June 27th, MKC, Skopje - filmed by Bla Bla TV

Peace Sells....but Who's Buying?
...Now I can only laugh
As I read our epitaph
We end our lives as moles
In the dark of the dawn patrol...

bp oil spill in the gulf of mexico

You say Halloween, We say Za-dush-ni-tsa!
Where's the kolivo?
"Видех живота земен - той бе ..... смърт..."

from Iztok out on Feb. 7th on afmusic староверец пещера копае черногледец времето дълбае а мъртвите мълчат слепи човеците пълзят староверец чернокапец старов...