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HaRi KiTaR SeMuLa ~~~ 11 NoVeMBeR 2012

Attention YAWAians...
Galactic Greenovators! to find out more, visit our FB.

The saddest news for wildlife in Malaysia. Already declared extinct in the wild in Malaysia, there are only three Sumatran rhinos in captivity here. Puntung is one of them.
The future for these elusive beasts are already bleak in Malaysia - but there is time to save others. Our country is home to one of the greatest biodiversities in the world - let's not let human greed and need for so-called "progress" destroy what Nature has already blessed us with.

KOTA KINABALU: There will be only two Sumatran rhinos left in Sabah when the third will be put to sleep next month.
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May 23, 2017

Nothing like the wonder of young minds in discovering the amazing wildlife we share our planet with Happy World Turtle Day!

Well done, Sekolah Sri Puteri! It's amazing how a simple act like this can help in reducing water wastage! And of course, the school saves on water bills as well!
Thank you, Syed Azmi for sharing this wonderful example of how little acts of conservation can contribute to change!
Why don't you try this in your home/school? Remember, no green living habit is too small... EVERYTHING makes a difference!

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Syed Azmi is at Malaysian Green Technology Corporation.

Following Archimides Principles, the team from Sekolah Sri Puteri fills up pebbles in 6 small mineral botyles and placed them in toilet tanks to reduce water us...age in the toilet from 9 litres to 6 litres that seems enough to flush its business.
This is 3 months seen the reduced of the water bills in school.
Easy to do.
Awaits more info on the project.

Syed Azmi.

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What a remarkable young man! What really takes our breath away is the fact that he actually UNDERSTANDS the environmental impact of what he does. It's never too early to teach kids about why our planet needs to be protected, and equip them with the knowledge and awareness that everyone has a part to play. You'd be surprised at how much more they can achieve - and how much more thought they give to what happens around them.

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60 Second Docs

This 7-year-old made $21,000.

Sometimes we as environmentalists wonder if people are truly able to comprehend the impact of their bad habits.
Despite widely disseminated information about how our wasteful lives affect the environment, the facts and figures given on how much pollution we create as a species and more importantly - what we can do to reduce our environmental impact...
...things like this happen on a regular basis. And it's not just dumping into rivers - it's dumping out of windows at flats, ...littering all and asunder, leaving trash at holiday spots, tossing rubbish onto the roadside or the floor...
It's all the same thing.
Sadly, people like those in this video and countless others we have encountered in our lives are too selfish to consider the impact of their actions - not just to the environment, but fellow living creatures who have to share this planet with them.

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Posted by Oh! Media
Oh! Media

Jangan pelik, jangan tanya kenapa banyak sungai-sungai dalam Kuala Lumpur terutamanya kotor dan berbau busuk. Ini lah sikap orang kita.

Lokasi: Sungai Sebelah ...KTM Segambut.

Psst: Kiriman rakan Oh! Media di WhatsApp. Kongsikan apa sahaja maklumat, gambar, dan video yang anda inginkan di 012-923 1562.

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Happy Birthday to our amazing founder, known affectionately to us as Umi, the effervescent, always-enthusiastic, and extraordinary Khadijah Abdul Rahman!!!! May you be blessed with many more years of inspiring others to love the planet as much as you do!

This is just one example of the damage plastic pollution can do to marine life. Plastic bags and products that clog up our drains, waterways, rivers... much of it ends up going into the ocean. Think about the last time you visited a local beach or river - it's common to see trash being left behind by irresponsible holidaymakers. When we run beach cleanups it is always a heartbreaking to see our beautiful beaches ruined by plastic bags, bottles, food containers, disposable diapers and snack packets strewn about as if the beach itself was a giant trashbin.
If you think trash HERE has no impact, think again. Malaysia is in the top 10 list of biggest ocean plastic polluters in the world. It's time we get ourselves off that list - and the only way is to be more Earth-friendly in our daily lives.

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Sky Ocean Rescue

This whale starved to death after consuming plastic, some of it from the UK

To help protect ocean wildlife from plastic pollution, join our #OceanRescue campaign by heading to

This is a scale model showing how mangrove trees protect our coastlines. Maybe it might help you understand why protecting our mangroves is so important - especially now, when we see the destructive impact of climate change even more than ever.
Drop us a message if you would like to organise a mangrove planting trip for your class or company, and we'll take you on a fun yet educational trip where we will not only plant new trees, but also learn about the diverse plant and wildlife that make the mangrove their home!

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Kingdom of the Netherlands in Vietnam

This scale model shows how mangrove forests protect the coast /Hãy xem rừng ngập mặn có thể bảo vệ bờ biển thế nào?
Rừng ngập mặn là thành phần tối quan trọng c...ủa hệ sinh thái bảo vệ bờ biển ở nhiều nơi tại Việt Nam. Mô phỏng đơn giản này cho thấy rõ chúng có thể giảm thiểu tác động của sóng tới bờ đê như thế nào. Điều này cho thấy phát triển rừng ngập mặn sẽ giúp con người tiết kiệm được khoản đầu tư xây dựng cũng như bảo trì các công trình kiên cố. Thêm vào đó, rừng ngập mặn cũng tạo ra hệ sinh thái có lợi cho nuôi cá tôm. Hà Lan cộng tác trên toàn cầu để bảo vệ rừng ngập mặn và tăng cường bảo vệ bờ biển #BuildingWithNature
Mangrove forests are an essential component of the coastal defense systems in many places in Vietnam. This simple model from Dutch research institute Deltares makes it very easy to understand how mangroves protect the coast from the impact of waves. This means that you need to invest less in hard structures for protection, and you need to spend less on maintenance of such structures. Besides this, mangroves provide important ecosystem services, for instance for fisheries, as well. The Netherlands works worldwide to restore mangrove forests and improve coastal protection. #BuildingWithNature

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Here's a fun workshop for the holidays by our partners in MENGO - a FREE terrarium workshop for kids (and grown-ups!) on Saturday, 3 Dec 2016 at Dataran Merdeka!
The time slots for the workshops will be in the comments section below. Since it IS a free workshop - it is first come, first served so get there early!
Join us on a fun family activity with a difference : making your very own terrariums! Register at

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Nothing to do tomorrow? Head on down to Taylor's University Lakeside Campus for a dose of mangosteen goodness at Furley's Mangosteen Day! Discover what health benefits this local super fruit has to offer through talks, exhibits and fun activities for the whole family!
And the best part is : it's FREEEEEEE!!!!!!
Check out the poster below for more info (and no, you don't need to register - just show up and join in!)

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Suppagood PR

Did you know that our Queen of Fruits, the mangosteen, is actually a super fruit? Come join us at Furley's Mangosteen Day tomorrow and discover the wealth of he...alth benefits this humble fruit has to offer through exhibits and a bunch of fun activities for the family!
Highlights include a mangosteen ice-cream eating competition and soap making sessions - and for the kids, slime-making as well!
Drop by between 10am and 3pm tomorrow - it's happening at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus! Admission is FREE!

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Looking for young people who believe in the power of sustainable living as the way of a better future for all!

The generation before you have already destroyed much of this beautiful planet - but the damage they have created can still be undone... it's really up to the young people of the world to make a change for the better!

If you are between the ages of 18 and 30, please apply if you are interested - and help us spread the word to your friends/school/university/college! ...
Meet other like-minded young people, and be inspired by today's eco-warriors who will also be there to share their knowledge and experience at the first Youth Conference for Sustainable Consumption and Production!!!

Learn more and sign up now at

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Dec 1, 2016 - Dec 3, 2016International Youth Center (IYC), Cheras
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It's about time, KL! This gives all you KL-ites ample time to find some nice tupperware sets to carry around with you next year when you want to "ta-pau" your meals!

PUTRAJAYA: Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan akan melaksanakan larangan penggunaan polisterin di semua premis makanan dan kafe mulai tahun depan di Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya dan Labuan.

Although we at YAWA do not condone eating fast food - you gotta admit this campaign is pretty awesome!

A new initiative created by DDB Stockholm for McDonald's lets young people pay for their McDonald's meal with discarded cans as currency....
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Don't call it "musim jerebu" (haze season).
That only implies you are complacent enough to accept it as a reality, a normal part of living when in truth it should never be there in the first place.
The returning haze problem only means one thing :
We didn't deal with the problem in the first place - and as the winds have changed, our inability (or pure refusal in the blindness brought on by greed and profiteering) to sort out this environmental mess is back to haunt us all a bad dose of karma.
Not enough people care enough about climate change, and environmental problems, to pressure the powers-that-be to take it seriously, to be a voice more powerful than the greed-driven profiteers who have no problem poisoning the air we breathe if only to make their fat wallets even thicker.
If you have kids - it's time you really stood up and made some noise, because this could very well be what your kids will be seeing every day for the rest of their lives, as adults in the future.

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Rina Omar

The smokey smell in the air finally shows its ugly face. I guess the big guns won't really care until it hits danger levels. Until then, start wearing them mask...s, protect your kids and don't forget our animal friends who are suffering the most. #haze #malaysia #burnlasummoreyougreedybastards #thetruepriceofprofit #slashandburn #peatfires #greedbeforeneed

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