Last scheduled softball game of the year tonight. 6:30pm at The Elbow.

Softball tonight at 6:30p. We made just as many trade deadline moves as the Pirates!

6:30p tonight. Let's hit some softballs and drink some beers.

Oh man, we return to The Elbow tomorrow at 6:30pm. Gnats not included.

Another off week as an extra-long All Star break. Next Friday we start back with 4 straight weeks of hot, softball action.

No game this week because 'Merica.

6:30pm tonight. T-shirts, softball, maybe some gnats? Full spread, really.

The 2014 jerseys are here and they're amazing!

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Great Moments In Yinz Team History: During the course of a 2010 game, Jim Lokay tears up and throws a scorebook in the air in disgust. This event will later be immortalized in a bronze statue in our minds. It's the most talked about moment in Yinz Team history!

Great Moments In Yinz Team History: In a 2009 game, one-time signee, Cliff Snatchko hits a home run ball so hard off the roof of a house, it actually registers on USGS seismographs worldwide

Great Moments In Yinz Team History: During a 2013 game, a random, Asian man, wanders onto the field at Devil's Elbow and starts taking pictures of the tree in centerfield. Munz dubs him "Utah".

Great moments in Yinz Team softball history: David Edgar Redd bobbles and ultimately catches a pop fly ball behind 3B for the 2nd out in an inning of a PSL game. Josh Sager tackles him because he's so excited. The game winning run tags up and scores while they're on the ground.

Great moments in Yinz Team softball history: During the first round of the 2008 PSL Playoffs, Yinz Team - without a win to its credit - was offered the victory when the opposition had less than the required number of players. Manager Jim Shireman declined the automatic win, citing something about "actually playing the game."

Great moments in Yinz Team softball history: In the 2008 PSL season, Chachi Walker, Josh Sager, and Jim Shireman complete the only successful 8-6-3 relay in the history of organized baseball/softball, nailing some dick at the plate and ending an 8-run inning. We celebrated and still lost the game by a count of 24-4 in five innings.

As per our usual Opening Day ritual, the odds of our shirts being done and in-hand Friday at game time is about 50/50. Might have to go shirts and skins?