Look! Someone shared an old YIRM comic and took the credit off. That’s okay though, we understand...

Greetings from deep in the Smoky Mountains. Apparently this is where Llama ran off to. Also Smokey resides here.

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David Wise
· April 20, 2017
The voices tell me to read yirmumah. They might not be real, but they sometimes have good ideas.
How YIRMUMAH gets made
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YIR-Drawn: Star Wars Child Support

It's a trap!!! #comics #tacos

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Hey! I'm an adult who still plays DnD. In fact I'm on a new podcast called DAD DND which you should go check out and subscribe to! Who else still rolls for fortune and glory? #rpg #dnd #barbarian #comics

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I could have probably made 5 comics worth of showcasing how bad Iron Fist on Netflix is. Apparently good writing wasn't in the budget after like the 4 times they made his fist glow. #comics #ironfist #marvel #netflix

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This probably explains how time travel really works. Also, Facebook doesn't seem to be allowing us to invite people who like the comics to the page, so be sure to like the page and help the comic grow #comics #timetravel #trump

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Obamacare? TrumpCare? Introducing the last healthcare alternative you will ever need. #marvel #doctordoom #doomcare #yirmumah - if you like the #comics, be sure to like our page and share with your friends. Thanks!

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Here it comes again! You ready?? Hey give our comic page a like! #snowpocalypse2017 #comics #yirmumah #nope

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Post your Power Moves in the comments. Maybe I'll draw some? #comic #powermoves #fartjoke

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The struggle is real #bacon #comic #yirmumah

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