"The discipline of maintaining the frame of the pose will liberate you to find an inner release, softness and surrender. Have faith that the strong boundaries that you’ve created through alignment and clarity of action will allow you to abide in your abundant freedom." Marla Apt

Whether it’s a comment from a stranger, a car cutting you off on the road or an injury, the smallest swipe can throw us off our center. Oftentimes, we feel the need for a protective sheath to shield us from the unknown. The first two limbs of astanga yoga offers us a guide for how to create health...

A good explanation as to why our teachers sometimes ask the question: "Is it a good pain, or a bad pain?"

Iyengar yoga teachers will sometimes ask: 'Is it good pain or bad pain?’ This may seem like an odd question. After all, pain is pain – what's the point of applying a value judgment?
Come check out our rope wall and chair class on Thursdays at 5:30 pm! We had a lot of fun last week - ropes and chairs offer a very playful practice opportunity. No yoga experience necessary- beginners welcome. This week will be a back extension focus. “Upside down Pincha Mayurasana”.