Hey Boo-tiful people! Come tonight for SKerry's Halloween inspired Cycle Cross Training (5pm) or TRX (6pm) or Laura's Booty-ful Core Mat & Booty Burn at 7PM!!!
Get your spin on with Tabatha today at 4:30pm #tuesdayswithtabatha
Get excited for Hot Power Vinyasa Flow with Strong Assists, Polarity and Massage Therapy with Lauren Scuteri and myself. Tomorrow morning at 7:30 at Yoga Sakti.
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Kim Collins
· November 28, 2017
Unique rocks spin classes at Yoga Sakti each and every time! Great music and fabulous energy make her classes fly by!
Erika Babb
· November 20, 2017
Took a Spin class with Jenn while in town. Staff is very nice as well as the facility! Hope to be back one day!
Emily Cutting
· June 2, 2017
Yoga used to simply be a fun activity that over time became a passion of mine while attending Yoga Sakti. I was so impressed with the instructors and class offerings that I found myself attending at l...east one class a day (with many time slots throughout the day). The staff is welcoming to all levels of fitness, flexibility and strength to provide a practice that is unique for all individuals. I could not recommend this studio enough! 10/10. See More
Margaret Brady
· April 21, 2017
I'm there 1/2 the year but I just love coming back to the great atmosphere , excellent amenities and highly motivated and knowledgeable teachers. Love the giant room too !!!! Two thumbs way up !!!!!
William Cornwell
· November 20, 2013
As of November 2014, I've been coming to this studio regularly for about a year and a half to do hot yoga and have been happy with the space and the teachers, who are all friendly and invested in offe...ring good classes.

Hot yoga classes at this studio typically run 75 minutes at a temperature of 95 degrees, which is noticeably warm but still about ten degrees cooler than Bikram Yoga studios. I did not have much of a background in yoga, so I started with no knowledge and little flexibility, but the classes are taught for people at any level of ability, because the advanced poses have easier variations that can be practiced to lay a foundation for doing the advanced poses. The studio is not a judgmental place--people are encouraged to do what they can do safely and to take satisfaction from their individual effort and progress.

Since I began taking yoga here about twice a week, I've lost weight and gained strength, flexibility, and balance. I feel better on a daily basis, and my back in particular has benefited from the intensive work on my core. People tell me I look better, and I know I feel better. If I were able, I'd come more often, but I've gained a lot from only two classes a week.

Most of the yoga classes that the studio offers are not hot yoga. I haven't taken many of those because I prefer to do yoga in a heated studio, which relaxes my muscles and ligaments, makes it easier for me to stretch and, over time, has made me more flexible. Nonetheless, many other types of yoga classes are popular here and, I'm sure, are taught at the same high standard.

The studio also offers TRX and spinning classes. I've taken TRX a couple of times here but it's more stressful on the joints than what I'm looking for. That being said, I thought the classes were great exercise and taught well, and some people come to this studio primarily for TRX and/or spinning.

My only complaint about the studio, and it's a small quibble, is that the men's locker room has such a small changing area that it can be crowded before and after class. The women's locker room is much larger, I'm told, which makes sense, because I'd estimate that about 75% of the clients here are female. As for the studio space for the yoga classes, it's an elegant room with hardwood floors and soft lighting. For better or for worse, there are no mirrors in the studio.

The hot yoga classes I attend have a nice mix of ages, although the youngest participants are typically 18 or older, I'd estimate. I never see children. Perhaps there is a minimum age requirement for these classes?

Like all yoga studios, Yoga Sakti is not a cheap way to exercise, unless you have an introductory offer or Groupon. Nonetheless, if you can afford the price and enjoy the practice of yoga, this is an excellent option on the North Shore.
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Diane Lynch
· April 28, 2016
Love being part of Yoga Sakti. I'm a shy, quiet person so going anywhere new is never comfortable. From day one, I felt welcomed from both staff and members, Kristin always go's above and beyond to... accommodate every member. I love taking yoga and have learned so much from Marc, Jennifer, Erin, Annakathryn, Hilary and Kathleen. I look forward to the 5:30am Spin and muscle classes with Jenn, Tabitha and Maura. Not only have I gained muscle since starting with Yoga Sakti A year ago but I have also gained confidence and friendships! See More
Jennifer McCarthy
· February 7, 2017
GREAT classes, instructors, and members! I LOVE teaching here, and I LOVE taking classes here! Perfect fitness studio in my opinion, with a stacked class schedule and so many different class options....
Alison Blake's Build and Burn class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings is one of my faves! So much fun and my entire body gets the best workout!
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Sasha Fiato Durand
· January 12, 2017
Sakti Zone and Adult PE, two fun and challenging new classes with awesome instructors added to a super well rounded schedule. It's hard to fit in everything I want to go to. Thanks Yoga Sakti!
Dana Crescitelli
· December 7, 2015
I loved the studio! It is so spacious and relaxing. I really enjoyed my class there also, I took Hilary Richard's class and it was fulfilling and very different from other classes I have taken, she makes it an experience! See More
Kim Byrum Chappell
· March 13, 2014
Love, love, love this place. I travel all over the eastern US and have tried many local yoga studios....this is literally my favorite one! I came for yoga but tried the TRX and cannot recommend it e...nough!! It is FABULOUS! I tried the beginner with Tabatha. She is so welcoming; she will correct your posture to keep you from injuring yourself but will praise & encourage you when you do well. I am NOT fit, by any standards, and was concerned about my ability to participate. It was PERFECT.
If you're fit cardio-wise but need strength training....this is for you.
If you're not fit at all.....this is for you. It's challenging but do-able!
I will be back ASAP!!!
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Marc St Pierre
· April 27, 2016
It's crazy! I love it! The students are a joy!! Kristin keeps the Gears clicking and Cheryl is keeping us in our toes. But Maybe I'm biased. Even so happy to play my part. Congrats gang!
Lisa Faia
· April 21, 2017
I love being both a student and instructor at Yoga Sakti. it's a beautiful studio filled with an amazing community!
Deborah G. Walker
· September 28, 2015
Going to Yoga Sakti regularly has had such a positive impact on my life. I love the practitioners at this studio and there are classes to suit both beginning and advanced students, yin yoga classes fo...r deep relaxation and lots of special workshops. See More
Kristin Bucci
· April 21, 2017
was a member when they opened and now have the privilege of working here everyday with a talented & inspiring staff!
Emily Nicole Dunham
· January 19, 2017
Loved this place ! I had such an amazing class with such a welcoming staff!
Alana Bresnahan
· August 20, 2013
Great Kickboxing/TRX class last night. I t was my first class at Yoga Sakti and I can't wait to come back! Highly recommend this place!
Chanelle Camire
· September 17, 2016
I've been practicing here for years and have been so honored to also teach workshops here as well. Yoga Sakti is my hometown yoga studio�
Elisa Cantone
· April 10, 2014
I did the spin/yoga class yesterday and it was fantastic ! The combo of two classes is shear balance , Emily was wonderful ;-}. The class set the pace for the rest of the day and my day was Stella!!!!
Krystina Sullo
· March 5, 2016
I've only recently started taking classes at Yoga Sakti and I am already obsessed! The instructors are very helpful and motivating and the environment is awesome. I'm looking forward to becoming a regular!
Bethany Thomas
· September 12, 2016
Excellent instructors that know how to direct anyone from beginner to pro. You will leave feeling relaxed and happy about life!

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