Are you a Summer Movie fan or are you just in it for the air conditioning? Check out more famous movie scenes recreated with dogs here: <3 Spiderman Kiss via: Pete and Tally <3
Yorkie Friendzy updated their cover photo.
May 19, 2016
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Even though it's Spring, Game of Thrones fans know that Winter is coming! Which house is your dog rooting for? I'm guessing they're siding with the Direwolves!!

We rounded some famous GoT spoilers—with dogs. Watch our Rover office dogs experience the shock and awe the rest of…

Emoji for dogs and dog lovers. This should be real!!

Dog people need their own emojis. One just isn't enough. After all, who says "I'm happy" or "I'm obsessed" or "I…

This story will trigger all of your "first night with the new puppy" memories What a sweet face!

This is the story of Primrose and my sudden leap into puppy parenthood—when extreme joy transformed into a total meltdown…

Now that's a talented Yorkie!

Take the quiz and find out which dog you were in a past life!

Have you ever wondered who you were in a past life? Have you ever wondered if you were a dog…

Did you know there's a New York Fashion Week runway show just for dogs? Check the link for more great style (and how to get the look for less!)

This February 11th, Fashion Week went to the dogs! For over 10 years, Gregg Oehler and Ada Nieves have run this unique…

Awww, A Yorkie and A Boston in Love

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Just in time for Valentine's Day, witness the budding office romance of Prim the Yorkie and Gus the Boston Terrier.

Do you brush your Yorkie's teeth?

Dog breath. It's certainly not one of the world's most cherished smells, but when things go from "meh" to "eww,"…