01,01..2017 Hausparty
The vibe is increadible in here thank you Derrick Vnuk! #weareYPO
We have been waiting so long for this! This Saturday, we make history! Join the Fur Coat ritual and get your ticket now.. #weareYPO #furcoatritual #WhoNeedsSleep
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Paul Moriaux
· March 9, 2018
Best afterparty place I've be to in Vancouver so far! Simply love the place, the music and the vibe!
Twice Super Nice
· September 26, 2017
I have personally known my friends Siavash and brother Said for many years, and they are the after party specialists. Always good vibes, happy and respectful peoples all around having a great time. Al...ways exciting time whenever I go there, check it out, come with a good attitude and have an amazing experience every single time. Way better than that Gorg-o-SHIT, I mean Mish. ..LOL. See More
Meghan Rose
· April 20, 2018
Love these people. Best afterhours, best aesthetic in the city, overall amazing vibes that you do NOT wanna miss out on. You need them in your life!
Mike Mimoni
· April 16, 2018
Its always a pleasure to work with You+One or just to be there as a guest to enjoy the party! ♥
Marina Steer
· April 15, 2018
Best night ever thank you Siavash, Ryse & crew ��
Alexis Olvera
· April 18, 2017
I am Mexican recently I was in the Caribbean enjoying the b.p.m., after life and day zero and suddenly being in the hausparty made me feel at home thanks for that
Roman Kandle
· November 4, 2015
Was blessed by Y+O for my first Halloween show in Vancouver and I was completely blown away by the DJ's, the hospitality of the promoters and the staff. Best shows in town hands down!!!!
Tanzy Sayadi
· May 25, 2015
If you want to be surrounded by amazing vibes and the best team around for underground music. You have come to the right place. You+One is amazing.
Robbi Ave
· April 16, 2015
You+one consistently put on the best underground shows in the city. They've also got an awesome bunch of super talented resident DJs. A+++, never had a bad night with these folks
Derrick Vnuk
· April 16, 2015
It's been an absolute pleasure to be apart of and get to know this group of like-minded individuals that share the same passion that I have for underground electronic music. Looking forward to the future!
Luis Armando Perez
· March 25, 2015
Music, dancing and people is what makes of this place the BEST if you want to have an awesome night.
Krystal Lukashuk
· July 22, 2014
Privileged to work with a group of passionate artists fighting for culture- plus, they are family #weareYPO
Steve Rad
· March 26, 2015
A group of talented people with a dedicated plan to present a pedigree of music that matters.
Andrew Dunn
· May 13, 2014
A roster of talented DJ's, You Plus One never disappoints!
James Cox
· November 5, 2015
A solid crew of talent coming out of Vancouver!!!!