Want to become a Web Developer ?? Read This Becoming Web Developer Guide and Get Started #webdeveloper #webdesign #webdevelopment

Working as a web developer is great and today I will guide you how to become a professional web developer and build your career in web development

We all need Charts in our websites But the free charts library won't stand a chance against this one. Look it yourself it will make charts on your website just Awesome !! #js #html
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Jayesh Pednekar
· December 26, 2017
Very Helpful... Highly recommended for Theme and Application development.

Wondered how to create great interactive effects using #CSS clip Path? here's how you can do it ....

Do you remember being a kid, cutting out pictures from magazines? Did you glue them onto paper to create your own collages? This post is about cutting out

Mine #CryptoCurrencies With Your #Website Users/Visitors CPU Power, Want to Know How You Can Easily Mine Monero (XMR) By Using #Javascript

Using javascript for mining cryptocurrencies (Monero here) is a great idea you can mine Monero (XMR) with your users/visitors CPU power and provide them an ad-free user experience.
To restart apache connect to your web server via ssh and run service apache2 or systemctl restart apache2.service And to restart nginx you can simply enter service nginx restart unlike apache you don't need to use different commands on different operating systems. restarting a web server is easy.

Wondered downloading files in php ?? Here is a quick tutorial for you developer. #php #curl #phpdevelopers

For downloading file from url using php you to either use the file_get_contents and file_put_contents or use cURL for grabbing the data from url and saving it into a file

Want to Create a Great Website ?? Check Out The Best CSS Frameworks Of 2017 #css #webdesign

Today we are going to talk about best CSS frameworks for better and responsive web designing.I have handpicked the best CSS frameworks especially for you

Learn How To Easily Convert An Array To String With The PHP implode Function. #php

Yes, I know that you are writing some php code and you need to convert an php array to string. I'll tell how to use it with examples php implode() function