Haven't been to Bluegrass Brunch in YEARS. YDG's favorite reader, Lily Rose & her birthday mama were digging Plow. Food was great as always but I didn't plan well, knowing we'd be splitting their insane cinnamon bun. Ordering butter pecan french toast was like having two desserts. Oops.
Can't believe I last witnessed Fishbone insanity in 1991. Untouchable back then and have heard nothing but raves about the recent lineups with two original members. Then it was three and then it was four with touring guitarist JB back. A hardcore fan said last night's set was better than any they'd played in ages, opening with the amazing Christmas EP in full, which they hadn't done in 20 years. Absolutely crazy beautiful mess of a set. They always came out guns blazing, so to open with a tear-inducing Xmas standard was.....PERFECT.
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds were playing the Cosmopolitan Hotel while I was in Vegas last weekend. 10th row seats were less than $60 on Ticketmaster and going for twice that on Stubhub. Oh, why not? It'd been 13 years since I'd seen a Gallagher onstage and despite fronting an Oasis parody years ago, I've kept up with their interviews far more than their music since 1995. I knew the aging Brit crowd would be half the show and they were. The band delivered tight mid-tempo saminess for 90 minutes or so. No surprises but sounded great with Noel in fine voice without taking a sip of liquid the entire show. Oasis' Gem Archer has returned to the fold to look exactly like Paul Weller and replace Tim Smith, who I'd hoped to see with the Birds for years. A full horn section was a nice surprise but featured backing singer Y-See took things into American Idol territory every time she came out. Points to flute/scissors/rotary-phone player Charlotte Marionneau for rocking an amazing Byrds bowlcut/cape look tho! Recent show's visuals are gone in favor of a static image with colors projected but the light show distracted from the band's famed stoic-ness a bit. In fact, they move far more than Oasis ever did. There were a few fun moments with Noel asking if the people still not standing in the front row had accidentally wandered into the wrong show but he mostly kept quiet, not even stopping to say hello until the first set was more than halfway through. No unexpected Oasis tunes but hopes for a fun cover were answered with a faithful "All You Need Is Love" closer that fit the multi-singer, horn-laden lineup and, shock of all shocks, they did the end refrain from the Rutles' "Love Life" at the very end! Nice to see him still at it with faithful followers stateside still flocking.

Doing a bit of reading today, apparently. They did another oral history with Rolling Stone with some actors and producers but this one was better....

When Alley Mills answers her phone for our first interview, she asks me to hold on a second so she can switch phones in order to sit down. She's on her kitchen landline, she tells me, and I immediately flash back to two images from my childhood. The first is, of course, of Mills as matriarch Norma A...

Cool little article on how his live band came together. Loved Live at Sin-è before Grace came out n still didn’t get to see him, damnit. Who here did?

Jeff Buckley: Having Tim Buckley as my father gave me the parts needed to play music. Even if I went and became a lawyer and someone asked me to sing something, I’d have the parts to sing. B…

YDG's favorite reader, Ricky Soltero, posted this awesome article. Very cool tale n shots.....

Photographer Brad Elterman relives his glory days of shooting David Bowie, Joan Jett, Bob Dylan, and KISS.

I’ll never forget renting Babe and this together. Best....double feature.....EVER. Nothing’s gonna stop the flowwwww...

Twenty years later, cast and creators tell the inside story on the most notorious teen movie ever made

Today’s FB memory on a morning I was working at my Alma matter. Awww, you never forget your first press. SDSU has always been on the verge of cutting funding to its radio station that very few people listen to. It's understandable but it's also my favorite experience from my college years. I happened to be on the air when the Daily Aztec stormed in and insisted on putting me on the cover.

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...and Shaggy would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for you, meddling Mueller!

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Trump to Robert Mueller: 'It Wasn’t Me' (w/ Shaggy)
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The Late Late Show with James Corden added a new episode — with Shaggy.

“It Wasn’t Me” with Shaggy as Trump and James as Robert Mueller is exactly what the world needs right now.

All is right with the world. Congrats, Marie! Photo by Pea Hicks

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As if you didn't like this song enough already, Mike Viola admits to copping the intro from a Pixies classic and telling Frank Black about it. Shockingly, no mention of it anywhere online. You heard it here first at YDG! Well....and that house concert.

Song #13 of our Mike Viola House Concert

Look who else was covering Chris Bell back in 1990. Shocker.

USA - 1990

Saw Metropolis (1927) for the first time last night with amazing live organ accompaniment by Russ Peck. Went home and immediately listened to the Church and watched this video for the first time in decades. Apparently, Freddie doing a song for the 1984 remake is what allowed them to use footage in this video. Thought it was going to be more retro-future sci-fi but still was so visually stunning, it didn't matter. Can't wait to dig into how it was made. They found never-before-scenes in a print in Buenos Aires in 2008?! Crazy.

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Have had this song on the brain since finally recently seeing the Shape of Water, which was amazing, but you probably already know that. An old recording of me singing it with a very short-lived classic rock coverband just came on shuffle. Some of the worst rhymes ever written.

Jimmy page when he was in the Yardbirds, not the best quality, but the authenticity is there. Kinda wonky solo by Zoso, but still a great song.

RIGHT ABOUT NOW!!! Holy exercise video. So much pacing.

Exclusive cover of the Fatboy Slim song. Recorded in Toulouse, June, 27th 2007 Band: BLACK FRANCIS: Performer JASON CARTER: Drums DING ARCHER: Bass CHARLES N...

I wonder how many other white kids heard about James Brown for the first time from this.

Eddie Murphy does a hilarious impression of James Brown in his movie Delirious (1982)

R is for archives. Y'all know how obsessed I am with behind-the-scenes/oral history type stuff. Forgot about how flattered I was when I was asked to write one about my band's first album for San Diego Music Matters Magazine (RIP hi Jen Hilbert!). Probably shouldn't say who I was ripping off so much.

Fun find from 2004. I added some links, pics and videos.

Recently came across this thing from our olde website. I was asked to write track by track commentary for a article back in 2004. I didn’t want to say TOO much about what&#…

A bit of ridiculousness from the end of the VHS video comp, Gone Jellyfishin': Jellyfish at a McDonald's in Baltimore in 1990. Possibly my biggest music nerd moment was asking Roger about the music in the background. He gave me a fearful look of "Really?" that I totally deserved but, if any band was going to do something deliberate n' sneak something fun into something already silly, it was them. It turns out, I was right. That's Jason and Chris overdubbing everyone else's voices. Shazam says that Anita Baker's "Just Because" is playing in the background at the McD's. NOT the hip nod I was looking for but at least I can finally sleep.

This is from the end of a video tape I bought. Just the guys from the band having fun at McDonalds