Haven't been to Bluegrass Brunch in YEARS. YDG's favorite reader, Lily Rose & her birthday mama were digging Plow. Food was great as always but I didn't plan well, knowing we'd be splitting their insane cinnamon bun. Ordering butter pecan french toast was like having two desserts. Oops.
Can't believe I last witnessed Fishbone insanity in 1991. Untouchable back then and have heard nothing but raves about the recent lineups with two original members. Then it was three and then it was four with touring guitarist JB back. A hardcore fan said last night's set was better than any they'd played in ages, opening with the amazing Christmas EP in full, which they hadn't done in 20 years. Absolutely crazy beautiful mess of a set. They always came out guns blazing, so to open with a tear-inducing Xmas standard was.....PERFECT.
Second instore from cancelled Observatory show this week because of repairs. Got roped into helping keep KFlay fans off the sidewalk.

HOLY GRAIL*: "SLOAN-Foxy Inc boot". Turns out this is a song by Snob Shop, a 1993 album by singer and video director Laura Borealis with Sloan's Chris Murphy and the Flashing LIghts' Matt Murphy. Found an Everett True piece on Laura but no Snob Shop stuff online. Related note, bandmate just texted me that Sloan recently put out two new tunes. It's the usual catchy stuff, of course.

Preview, download or stream Spin Our Wheels by Sloan

Haven't done this in awhile. Who are yer top five E's? I'm going with El Vez, the Event, Echo and the Bunnymen, English Beat, Electric Mayhem

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Yer doin' great: a muzak clickclack is with Dana Marver and 10 others.

What's YOUR favorite E song? If your first or last name starts with an E, you could win a custom mix CD of our faves....

Listen at…/…/playlist/1aPO46pF65XUkjL80ZAmko
Earthling.80-I Love You More Than You Love The 80's
Elastica-Nothing Stays The Same
ELO-Sweet Talkin' Woman
Emery Byrd-Emily
Enigk, Jeremy-Shade And The Black Hat
Eno, Brian-Needle of a Camel's Eye
Event, The-You're On My Mind
Evilado-Her Pieces
Electric Mayhem-Can You Picture That?
Elfman, Danny-The Last Time
Elliott, Missy-Get Yer Freak On
En Vogue-My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)
Exciters, The-Tell Him
Emotions-The Best Of My Love
English Beat-Ranking Full Stop
Everly Brothers-Bye Bye Love
Ernie-Rubber Duckie
Echo & The Bunnymen-The Cutter
88, The-Coming Home
Essex Green-The Late Great Cassiopia
El Vez-Chicanisma
Earlybirds, The-Little Red Book.

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Gah. One of the only bands I love that I didn't get to see. What a tune. Remind me again which of you saw them so I can hate you.

Looking Glass recorded at Town & Country Club, London, UK 26/5/89.

Another random distant cousin my Dad never told me about. This one took some of the most famous pictures ever taken of the Stones, Ray Charles, Carly Simon,Van Halen and tons more.

Film shot by photographer Norman Seeff while taking some of the most iconic pictures in the world show revealing sides of his famous subjects the public rarely sees.

How have I never seen this? Like Borat, he could never do this again now that he's well known. Watch Fred troll some well-known indie musicians (no spoilers) and SXSW panels. A few cringeworthy moments, but more than a few that even his cameraperson can't hold back laughter.

This film put indie rock drummer Fred Armisen on the comedy map. Less than four years later, he was a cast member on Saturday Night Live. http://www.chicagor...

Come out to play-ay. Fun Warriors wormhole....

The Warriors (film) The Warriors is a 1979 American action thriller film directed by Walter Hill and based on Sol Yurick's 1965 novel of the same name. This ...



Fun ol' lists n' articles in the GREAT LITERARY WORKS photo album at

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The Rosetta Stone of my music list-making has been unearthed. Long thought lost, it was recently rediscovered along with other historic gems in a long overdue ...purging of neglected folder files. I have NOT been desperately hanging on to almost all of my elementary school report cards. It's just taken 30 years for me to free up a night to go through the archives. Since "Sinchronicity" (sic) came out in June of 1983, I must've written this in my last days as a sixth grader. I seem to remember classmate Dylan Halberg excitedly coming up with a list of his favorite songs and I wanted to make something better. That's me. Still an eleven year old jerk. Yes, I know "Can't Stand Losing You" wasn't on Sin-chronicity. Now YOU'RE the jerk.

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Concert by Roy Porello, Crystal Pier, Pacific Beach, 1965. Was picking up some gear at the Lot movie theater in La Jolla today and a HUGE print of this stopped me in my tracks. I must’ve stared at every detail for five minutes. Amazing. More at

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Learning a lil bit about my distant cousin who wrote many screenplays for stage n screen, including several Hepburn/Tracy films with wife Ruth Gordon, like my namesake, Adam’s Rib.

Playwright, director, and screenwriter Garson Kanin was born November 24, 1912 and died on March 13, 1999 in New York City. He graduated from the American Ac...

Getting through my compilation CDs took a step back when I decided to empty a crate of discs I used to use for DJ. Always loved the covers of these two....

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Just before The Who Under Cover at the Office, San Diego. Years ago, the School of Rock did The Who and didn’t smash anything so when they asked me to host an encore charity performance, I took young Josh Smith aside.
Me: What’s that?
Josh: A guitar piñata?
Me: What are you gonna do with it?!
Josh: (eyes wide)...
Seconds after the video in the comments was taken, I put on a safety vest and started sweepin’, cos Mom raised me right.

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“On such a special day in SP history, I want to take a moment to thank Ali and LySandra, who you might know were the little girls that I stood by and watched have their picture taken some 23 years ago (on what was a perfect LA afternoon). Never realizing that this moment in time would forever tie us, and go on to become such an iconic image in rock history. What's amazing is their chemistry with one another still leaps through the camera to this day and yet if memory... serves they'd never met before that Siamese shoot. Which tells me their coming together, and the beauty that Melodie's shot captures, of youth and innocence, was meant to be SP's own, personal lucky star. So thank you thank you thank you Ali and LySandra, we adore you, and having you be a part of today's launch brings tears to my eyes. For life goes fast, and I can still see you in my mind's eye wearing crisp white dresses in a stranger's backyard, looking like little Mother Mary's, smiling and laughing into the sun." - @williampcorgan”

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Instagram Post • February 16, 2018 at 02:09PM PST

CONTEST TIME: We're giving away a free vinyl copy of Derrick Anderson's “A World of My Own” LP. The LA pop vet corralled a ton of hooks, harmonies and talented well-known friends into making his debut solo album. I'd say that he wears his influences on his sleeve but while I thought a few tunes sounded like great lost Smithereens and Matthew Sweet classics, they're both actually guests! The Bangles, angel Tommy Keene, Kim Shattuck (the Muffs), Steve Barton (Translator), Roy McDonald (Redd Kross), the Cowsills and the Jim Laspesa Experience all make appearances too. Leave a comment below and we'll choose a winner at random on Friday the 23rd. More info at

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These are so great. Also currently consuming an old Elliott Smith oral history on Pitchfork (link below). Always sad n' surprising....

Hear Elliott Smith in a rare interview recorded in 1998, five years before he died. Smith talks about lyrics, being a freak, his music and wanting to leave the U.S.