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The weekend is here and I know what I'll be doing for the next 2 days! Since I moved to Dar es Salaam I've received countless messages along the lines of "I have a day to spend in Dar but my guide book says it's boring and dirty. Should I just wait at the airport?" Firstly, that's my current home you're calling boring and dirty! Do I look like I'd live somewhere boring?! Secondly, forget what anyone has told you and GET THEE TO THE BEACH! Swim in the turquoise Indian Ocean, lie on white sand and you'll look at Dar in a whole new light.

Some of the best beaches near Dar es Salaam are only a few minutes drive (or sail!) from the city. These beaches are perfect for a weekend trip from Dar es

All you need is life is sun, sea and good friends.
This weekend I'm travelling to a new country for me- Uganda! Being away from Tanzania has made me realise that it is now home for me. I have been so lucky to find friends that make it feel that way. Really all we need in life is good people 😊

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Happy New Year from Cologne!
An evening with Dr. Jane Goodall

*Lame real talk alert*
Life is for living, yet it's so easy to fall into the trap of doing the same thing repeatedly hoping for a different outcome. If you're not happy with the life you're living, why put that shit on repeat for 5/10/20 years?! I don't have the answer because I've been guilty of it too. Professionally, socially, culturally, we put ourselves in boxes and tell ourselves "this is how it is." But what if it didn't have to be that way?

Time spent is never a was...te, but it's best spent taking baby steps towards your ultimate goal. For me this means taking single modules working towards a masters degree, learning the language of the country I love and surrounding myself with positive, like minded people. As I said, time spent is never a waste. So even if you find yourself living that life on repeat, throw in a baby step every so often, nothing drastic, but enough to mean that when the time comes to take off, you are ready to soar 👊

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Have you ever seen water this blue and sand this white? Zanzibar is definitely my happy place. No matter how stressed, worried or tired I am, it all melts away when I look at the perfect white sand and Indian Ocean. Tag a travel buddy who you'd bring with you

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One more time for the people in the back: AFRICA. IS. NOT. A. COUNTRY.
Since moving to Tanzania, I've had countless (mostly well meaning) people ask me "so how's Africa?" My usual reply is that Dar es Salaam is good but I don't know about the other 99.9% of the continent. If we continue to write about "Africa" as a whole as 'exotic', 'remote', or an 'adventure,' we diminish the real life that goes on beyond the village tours and safaris. As Karen Attiah puts it:
"...a prime example of the West's fascination with Africa, but not the complexities of Africans themselves."

Next 3 trips booked...where to next?!

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Nomadic Matt
August 17

Where to next? ✈️

Did you know that Freddy Mercury- the lead singer of Queen and general vocal genius- was born in Zanzibar? I have walked past this house many times on my visits to Stone Town. This time I realised this was the house that Freddy Mercury lived in for his first few years of life. Other than a small plaque, some pictures, and a bar on the waterfront dedicated to him (aptly named Mercury's), no trace of his legacy can be found on the island and he is rarely mentioned. For this reason, I had to take a picture outside Mercury House to commemorate perhaps the greatest vocal talent who ever lived.

For more Zanzibar tips check out-> https://goo.gl/9tpkz8

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Your Next Big Trip added a new photo.
August 11

Sometimes you need to leave this city to realise what you love about it. Life is Dar es Salaam is hectic, intense and not always easy. It's one of those cities where money can buy you a nice lifestyle but rich or poor, you still have to sit in the same traffic jams, deal with the same bureaucracy and get through the same crowded streets.
On the other hand, Dar is exciting, full of contrasts and innovation and home to possibly the best Friday feeling in the world. It's a love/hate relationship but right now, I love Dar es Salaam!

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Starting the weekend at one of my favourite spots. Then it's off to Zanzibar tomorrow bright and early tomorrow morning because....my finalised residence permit finally came through! Make you follow @yournextbigtrip on Insta for updates from the Full Moon Party. Happy weekend wherever you are!

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I wrote this post one year ago from my phone while on a 7 week trip through Southern Africa. I was so excited heading off- I had just started my blog, I was seeing places I had only dreamed about and was FINALLY going visit a country I never thought was within my reach....and then my laptop died 😂

I remember being devastated that I couldn't document everything onto my blog straight away. I paid for someone to go a 260km roundtrip from Mazabuka to Lusaka, Zambia to try get me ...a replacement charger to no avail! I was so new to blogging that I thought this was the end, no one would want to read my stories unless I wrote them RIGHT NOW!

...and then I chilled out a bit, got swept up in the joys of travelling and realised, it didn't matter! If we travel just to write about it then we risk missing the very reason we travel in the first place- people, places, culture, excitement! I still intend on following this post up with more details on what I actually did in Namibia, but for now, I hope you'll enjoy my revised version of why going to Namibia was the experience of a lifetime for me (and how our journey getting there was not so much!)

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Namibia is somewhere I've wanted to visit. As African countries go, it has everything. From lonely desert roads, to bustling cities Namibia has it all.

This video from The World Pursuit captures the beauty and diversity of Tanzania perfectly. Every day I feel incredibly lucky to live here ❤️

The World Pursuit
July 31

Tag someone you want to go to Africa with!

Welcoming the weekend like "Heyyyy how've you been old friend?! Come on over!"
Tomorrow's blog is all about beaches and palm trees. Start the weekend right with last week's playlist

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Still so much to see! Where should I go next?!

I have been to Belgium, Botswana, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Kenya, Namibia, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, Zambia, Zimbabwe
adventureally.com|By AdventureAlly

Planning a Tanzanian safari/ Zanzibar beach escape/ East African overland tour? You'll soon realise that one of the best things about Tanzania is the music. Why? Because this music is made for dancing!
Chilling on the street and your favourite song comes on? Hakuna matata- get up and dance! Tired at a work meeting? Hamna shida- let's put on a song and dance til we're energised! Sitting in a bar talking with your friends and your song comes on but no one else is dancing? Who cares? Do it anyway!
So wherever you are in the world, throw on some Bongo Flava and dance your way into pre-Friday (my new word for Thursday- try it, it will make you feel better about it still being a weekday!)

Check out this list of the best Tanzanian songs around at the moment. The perfect way to get in the mood for your upcoming safari, Zanzibar trip or party!

Thanks to My Dar es Salaam for sharing my sunrise photo from Kunduchi

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My Dar es Salaam
July 11

Good morning Dar es Salaam! ☀️🌴🏃🏽🇹🇿 What a beautiful start to the day...

Photo courtesy of @yournextbigtrip Thanks for sharing this awesome shot 🙏🏾! #mydaressal...aam #daressalaam #tanzania #africa #HavenOfPeace #beautiful #city #visit #travel #explore #sun #sand #sea #sunrise #palmtrees #beach #beachfront #ocean #oceanlovers #good #morning

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An evening with Dr. Jane Goodall


Sunrise at Kunduchi, Dar es Salaam. Imagine this natural beauty is only 20 minutes outside the centre of one of the fastest growing cities in the world!

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