We enjoyed our time with Greyson and Sawyer this week. They love fruit and I added some fun with one of our special fruit dips. Very simple: PLAIN greek yogurt (small container), orange zest, stevia, real vanilla---AND some NutriVerus! This is Greyson's response: he is saying, "I love this dip!" and he said that each time I served it!
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The thoughts of regret that typically go through our mind are those awful deeds that we have done, words that we have said that we just can't take back. However, I believe that many times, what people verbalize near the end of their lives, are those things that they regret not doing. Don't let that be true of you!
Is there something that you have regretted NOT doing that you can share with us?

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I'm excited to invite local friends to a presentation I will be making ABOUT MANNATECH PRODUCTS with my chiropractor, Dr. Bryan Steinfeldt, at his office in Mesa. I'll be attaching a flyer with all of the details. Right now- save the date: Monday, March 5, 6:30 pm. Dr. Bryan's office is (loosely) at Greenfield and Baseline in Mesa. SAVE THE DATE!!! 5factor Chiropractic is on FB. Go and check out Dr. Bryan's page!

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Wellness tip for today: Get outside, and let your eyes and skin 'let the sunshine in!'

Isn't it great to see the sun again? We live in Phoenix and of course, people head here from the north and midwest because they want to see the sun. Last week, we had a week of overcast days: reminiscent of winter in Columbus, OH (the cloudy days were definitely not good for my spirit!). (Glad I wasn't paying for that week in Phoenix!!) This week we are having a bit of a cold spell (that means we natives are wearing layers of clothing), but the sun is out and wind is minimal. It's wonderful!! I have Columbus friends who write that they are experiencing unusually sunny and warm weather. I believe many of them are very happy to see the sun.
Get outside, get outside, get outside!!!!

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My personal recommendations are based on the past nineteen years of partnership with Mannatech. Mannatech supplements are science-based, safe, and effective. This link will allow you to access more information about each of the following products that our family either takes daily or has access to when needed:
Ambrotose- core immune-system support, cellular communication. ... Optimal support system packets- three products: AO, antioxidant; PhytoMatrix (plant-sourced vitamin-mineral; PLUS, hormonal support (wild yam).
Omega 3 with Vitamin D3. GIProBalance- probiotic slim stick MannaBoom- glyconutritionals and Vitamin C from Australian bush plum.
ImmunoStart- colostrum, beta-glucans, lactoferrin, lozenge formulated to work with Ambrotose
MannaC- Vitamin C from Australian Bush Plum, herbals for sinus health
MannaBears- a gummy fruit and vegetable product with antioxidants and glyconutrients providing a easy-to-take kids' product that tastes great. Essential oils are also part of our wellness routine, some every day, some as needed: lavender, calming blend, #1 protective blend, eucalyptus, frankincense, lemon, tea tree.
Here's a link where you can get more information on these products and order them:

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Store shelves are full of supplement options to deal with the abundance of crazy symptoms we're having right now. How do you know what to buy?
First consideration: buy real, not synthetic. Check your supplemental label to know the source of the ingredients. About 95% of supplements are synthetic. Your body knows the difference! Check my website for a blog about this.…/why-you-should-read…/

Since you are reading this blog, you have undoubtedly made some very specific lifestyle choices and changes. CONGRATULATIONS!! One of those changes probably has to do with the kind of and quality of food that you eat. In making those changes you have probably started to read food labels. However, ha...

A second post deals with some suggestions if you are already dealing with some symptoms. Check it out here:…/strategies-dig-wint…/

Self-care is the first step in caring for others: remember the mantra on the plane with the oxygen mask- put yours on first before you help someone else.

Picking up again about suggestions in preventing seasonal challenges and/or then dealing with them....check out these posts on my website:…/strategies-preventi…/

Your ability to stay healthy starts with your daily decisions. Every decision is important.

Back to writing about some of the seasonal challenges going on right now: secondary infections. Seems that if you don't completely get over the first infection (i.e. the flu), your immune system is very susceptible to a secondary infection. This could be more of the same, or it could be an infection in a different part of your body (inflamed ears, sore throat, runny nose, etc).
SOLUTION: If you come down with the flu, TAKE A BREAK!! REST!! Missing even a few days of wor...k will be probably more appreciated by your co-workers than you realize! And if you are home, your body could actually have a chance to truly heal, and recover. If you are looking for natural, plant-sourced immune-system supporting products, PM me and I'll send you a link for purchase. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out! This is a very tough flu season (and we may not have yet peaked according to some experts), and I truly want to provide you with information about options!

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What do you have/do now that didn't come easy? Playing the piano is something that comes to mind.

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You always have a choice in how you care for your body - what foods to eat, whether to exercise, whether to receive routine health care and how much clean water to drink. ​Wellness may not be easy, but it's worth it.

Because I'm having more conversations with people who have been sidelined by the flu, it's great to ask for a person's best wellness tip. At our meeting last week, one of our attenders wrote: 'connecting with friends for accountability, workout buddies, and recipe ideas.' It's true: if you have an accountability partner, a work-out buddy- you will be more consistent with your exercise schedule. There are studies that validate the effectiveness of the buddy system! Do you work out with someone- how did you 'pick your partner- or partners?'

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Along with hand-washing, Dr. Ziol also mentioned cleaning surfaces in your home and office. "Disinfect surfaces like counters, handrails, door handles, computer keyboards and phones." Keeping these areas decluttered will cut down on surfaces that have to be cleaned! Tea Tree Oil is a great essential oil to add to your cleaning routine as it provides antiseptic properties: antibacterial and anti-fungal. Orange and lemon essential oils provide cleaning benefits and make a room 'smell clean'- wouldn't you agree??
Mannatech products available at

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Continuing with some tips for dealing with this seasonal challenge of colds and flu:
Wash your hands often!
My naturopath, Dr Judy Ziol Journey Natural Medicine, wrote a short blog several years ago about a natural approach to this season. Dr. Ziol's first time: "Wash your hands several times throughout the day, especially after returning from any public place: work, the gym, the store, school, church. ... Use hand sanitizer if handwashing is not feasible. Along with keeping your hands clean, try not to touch your face, eyes, nose or lips unless your hands are washed."

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Shirley Rohl, who attended our Ladies of Las Sendas meeting last week, suggested that we all 'get outside' as her best wellness tip! I totally agree. We live in AZ! People come here from all over because of our wonderful weather...the variety of activities that we can pursue here (hiking, cycling, swimming, walking, boating, and many more!!). Don't forget that your kids need to get outside every day, too. Let them be creative in making up games, encourage them to play in the yard/park, introduce them to hiking at one of our great county parks that have miles and miles of trails as well as simple interpretive trails and ranger-led activities...Thanks for the reminder, Shirley. To get into and maintain a healthy lifestyle, GET OUTSIDE!!

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Continuing with wellness tips that were shared at our Ladies of Las Sendas meeting last week: Precy wrote: Get a full night's sleep! Thanks, Precy, for the reminder about the importance of physical rest for your body's immune system. Most people today are 'functional' on much less than the 7-8 hours that is recommended. Additionally, caffeinated and sugary beverages are staples in many people's diets to help them stay awake during the day! What's wrong with this picture?? ... Both the amount and quality of sleep is important as a component of health and wellness. I recently introduced my 95-yr old mom to a unique blend of essential oils that I suggested she apply just before bedtime. After a couple of nights of actually sleeping through the night, she said,'I feel like a completely different person!' Yes, Mom- sleep makes a difference! BTW, sleep can also be a hormonal issue. Check out my product recommendations with a PM to me. If you get the flu, and exhaustion is one of your symptoms, sleep when you are tired/sleepy. Your body will reward you with a faster recovery! (Do either of these photos describe how you feel??)

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The health and wellness tip that ranked #2 in frequency was: stay hydrated with water! A great goal is half your body weight in ounces...we're talking water, non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic. Realize that caffeine is dehydrating you, so if you are drinking caffeinated drinks, you need to drink MORE water. Another gauge for water input is the color of your output. Check out this handy-dandy color chart. How much water do you drink a day---and how do you know if your input is what it is supposed to be?

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The health and wellness tip that was offered most often at last night's meeting was to exercise daily! This can be hard to do when you are in the midst of a health challenge and you are feeling exhausted...but it underscores the necessity of regular exercise when you are in good health so that you stay in good health! As we mentioned last night, self-care is the first step in effectively caring for others (remember, put your oxygen mask on first- and then help others!). Be the best version of yourself by taking care of yourself- and that includes regular exercise!

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