🔥 "Each action you take is a vote for the type of person you want to become." 🔥


According to author James Clear, the key to a productive life can be found by breaking down tasks into small, achievable goals. More than 400,000 users subsc...

"Role models are fine. But not when they get in the way of embracing our reality. The reality of not enough time, not enough information, not enough resources. The reality of imperfection and vulnerability."

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MUST WATCH: Nick Foles Superbowl post-game interview
True Sport: "The Ride Home"
NBA Clinic in Singapore featuring Miami Heat's Erik Spoelstra ...

This. Share this with coaches *and* parents...! Reminders are only useful when given before they're needed. 😉

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#DearCoach: Here's the only tick list you need when coaching this weekend:

1. Make it fun
2. Say less
3. Empower THEM ...
4. Enthuse
5. Include
6. Be a role model
7. Smile
8. Build community
9. Let them play
10. Engage
11. Remember that it’s never about you
12. Go to 1 (and start over again!)

—via Dr. Martin Toms. 🙌

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Scott Hamilton (Olympic Champion, Cancer Survivor) on how you overcome adversity to come back and put yourself in a a position to win...

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"Instead of competing against others, build #grit by competing against yourself." Really insightful interview with Lindsey Vonn that's WORTH SHARING with young athletes. Vonn answers:

— Having achieved everything an athlete could dream of, why she still does it.
— How she's maintained her love of the sport.
— Worst advice she's been given.

Inarguably the greatest female skier of all time talks comebacks, building true grit, and taking on men.

#WhenIPlay — If this video made you feel something, SHARE IT and tag the strong women, men, girls *and* boys in your life. 💪🏾

"For every woman, every girl
Who dares to see herself as something more."


For every man, every boy
Who dares not to see her as something more.


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Here’s a 🎁 that’ll keep giving over and over again...! Share this with the athletes in your charge – and parents too.

Nick Foles, from backup to Superbowl MVP, on #failure: "I think the big thing is don’t be afraid to fail,” Foles said. “In our society today, with Instagram and Twitter, it’s a highlight. It’s all the good things. When you look at it, you have a bad day, you think your life isn’t as good, you’re failing. Failure is a part of life. It’s a part of building character and growing. Without failure, who would you be? I wouldn’t be up here if I hadn’t fallen thousands of times, made mistakes. We all are human. We all have weaknesses. Just being able to share that and be transparent."


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Does technique r-e-a-l-l-y matter?

How technique functions is far more important than how it looks..!
/via @_gameplaylearn_

A Modern Approach to the Development Journey

It's the greatest gift...!

Get obsessed and stay obsessed. There’s a negative connotation with obsession but I’d argue people performing at the highest level are obsessed with their cr...

This pretty much sums up what the pursuit of excellence looks like: Right this way… Take that… Deal with this… Deal with that… Think you've made it?! Think again! … Ok, go ahead now… Oh, no you don’t… You’re on🔥! Not so quick… Beat it💨. Made it. No, you didn’t… Try, try again.

Fittingly, this game is called: #TrapAdventure 🤣


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"When you know your 'why', your 'what' has more impact because you're walking in towards your purpose."

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We need more #childdesigned spaces...!

“Gather kids, give them a ball or two and some open space. Tell them to create a new game, then simply observe. Things you may likley see: Creativity, Arguments, Compromise, speed, agility, reaction, movers, thinkers, manipulators, cheater, smiles, tears, high fives and FUN #LTAD
—Jeremy Frisch

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Above all else: Coach the child, not just the sport.

“You don’t need to see different things, but rather to see things differently.
—Vern Gambetta (@coachgambet...ta)

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Do something every day that builds your mental strength!

"Mental health is *AS* important in athletes and players as physical health. Making sure that everyone is “fit“, in the broadest sense, is essential and try not to just assume. Spend time learning about this area as much as you would invest in physical conditioning. Vital." —Nick Levett

#thankthepasser: s/o to Amy Morin, LCSW for this awesome graphic! 👊🏾 Share it.

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"Public service announcement for athletes (elite, age-group, and weekend warriors) and coaches: Before you spend even a minute worrying about ice baths, foam rolling, graduated compression, electrical muscle stimulation, or supplements, EAT then SLEEP."

Forget training load and biomechanics. A surprising new study suggests that avoiding injury might come down to something far simpler.

"...lead from the front line, not from some safe and comfortable ivory tower."

Check out this email from Tesla's Elon Musk. This line made me 😯...!

"I will then go down to the production line and perform the same task that they perform."

A great reminder: "...leadership is not about protection — it’s about connection." ⚡️

Good leadership is about having good reflexes, especially in moments of crisis. When there’s a problem in a group, most leaders tend to respond by protecting the group: letting people know it’s going to be okay, and putting problem in wider perspective. They strive send a signal of reassuranc....

Children have never failed to imitate US...

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'Children learn accountability when they have models of accountability.' They learn to have a positive relationship with mistakes when elders model – daily – the value of mistakes.

Here's the thing, you cannot instil values. Yet, you can do this:

Something to chew on...

"The stakes in this debate are considerable."

#play #learning #letkidsplay

Academic teaching in kindergarten backfires.