WORTH WATCHING WITH YOUR KIDS — This short was developed by @sportscotland to help young athletes understand what 'talent' is and how you can get good at sport.

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Said differently: If you don't know the WHO and WHY, any WHAT and HOW will do.


"'If you know the 'why', you can figure out the 'what'. Without the 'why', though, you’re just lost’."

Jr. NBA – Coaches Skills & Drills: Ball Handling Moves 2
Jr. NBA – Coaches Skills & Drills: Pivoting
NBA Clinic in Singapore featuring Miami Heat's Erik Spoelstra ...

Let's Talk Talent: It's time to think, 'who is the team behind the performer?'.

In this Talking Talent for Parents in Sport Week – Anne Pankhurst shares her insight, and research findings on working effectively with parents. She explores...

THRILLED to be able to support Canada Basketball again – and learn from – the outstanding coaches and future gatekeepers of the game...!

#WeAreTeamCanada #learningneverstops

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Canada Basketball


#DearSportsParents: "For far too long have we watched you argue with other parents, tell your children how to play their sport, pressurise your child, undermine coaches, disrespect opposition/officials and tell us how to do our job. It’s time for a change..."

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Time to check your ROT: Return on Training — Go out to practice today and observe. Ask yourself as you watch your child train today if they are making decisions or following the rules. The difference will help you know if you're getting a ROT...

Wouldn’t you want to maximize the return on the investment of your time and energy? As a teacher, wouldn’t you want to know that you are using every hour afforded to you to maximize learning? As a coach, wouldn’t you want your training to bring about the maximum results? I have been both a tea...

Focus on the process. It'll give you the best chance of being your best.

One of the most dangerous things you can do is compare yourself to someone whose situation you don't know.

REMEMBER: "If you want to be the best, you shouldn't focus on being the best, you should focus on being the best at getting better."

Focus on the process and you’ll end up with the best results


— Kids are falling in love with a colourful book cover. Inside it's filled with colourless pages.
— Coaches conduct tiny drills so that players can play not so tiny tournaments and win tiny trophies.


I'm listening. Are you?

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ARE YOU 👂👂👂...?!

"Deep, profound and lasting learning is sacrificed for shallow child management strategies...

In a voice muffled by the powers that be, [one co...ach] is shouting, 'It is OK, but is NOT much more than OK. It should be remarkable, excellent and fantastically brilliant. We are educating our children and OK should never be good enough... Never.'

And this one coach is right. Or at least he must be heard."


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Imagine that you’re a child in a beautiful and seemingly endless forest. Imagine that you know nothing of what others call “school”, but you live every day a life of inquiry and discovery. Imagine that each day you wake up eager to explore the forest, the ponds, and all that nature will afford you.

In this Jr. NBA / Jr. WNBA Instructional Video, it's all about teaching and learning how to pivot. Pivoting is an important concept in basketball. Why? It allows players to create:

1– time and space
2– body and ball control
3– options... options for themselves and for teammates


#Pivoting is so important to becoming a great basketball player.

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In this Jr. NBA / Jr. WNBA Instructional Video, we focus on starting, stopping and moving on balance; as well as, developing the ability to be "Boss with the Ball!" when being pressured by a defender.

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Be loyal to principles, not people. When those two align, there’s no need to speak of loyalty. It just is. That’s synergy.

You’re doing something wrong if you have to ask for loyalty. Loyalty is a byproduct of a deeper process of clarifying and aligning the collective commitments (values) of a relationship, team, or organization.

#principlesnotpeople #loyalty #synergy #awakenpossibility

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WHAT'S THE EMOJI FOR *JUICY*...?! 💦..? 🔥...?! ⚡️..!?! Whichever it is, this 5min read is rich in the juiciness that I'm about. And, if you're around coaches who are in the "we do what the pros do" camp, SHARE THIS with them...

⚡️— "Playground behaviour is what we, as adults, need to bring a bit more into practice," says England Rugby's U18 head coach John Fletcher.

⚡️— "...incredibly driven to create an environment where kids can be the best versions of themselves."


⚡️— "...about creating a loving, playful, accepting and empathetic environment to ultimately foster the production of adaptable players."

⚡️— "You don't want them to always think it is rugby. It can be monotonous if you do the same thing all the time."


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BBC Sport spends a day with England's Under-18 squad to find out how the next generation of rugby stars are being developed.

FROM WORST TO FIRST: Here’s what happens when you build what you do on evidence and research… when you fund it and get people out there talking to parents and talking to youth.


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BBC News

Five ways Iceland got its young people to give up drink and drugs. (Via BBC World Hacks)

According to Thomas Edison, Amazon's Bezos, and Facebook's Zuckerburg: EXPERIMENTATION ISN'T ONE OF MANY STRATEGIES... IT'S *THE* STRATEGY (FOR SUCCESS).

Deliberate practice is important. It's just not as important as what was originally thought.

— "...#deliberatepractice may help you in fields that change slowly or not at all ... It helps you succeed when the future looks like the past, but it's next to useless in areas that change rapidly..."


— "Instead of the 10,000-hour rule, we need what I call the 10,000 experiment rule."

Read this to learn more:

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Deliberate experimentation is more important than deliberate practice in a rapidly changing world.

[ 2min read that's worth it! ] There are a lot of bad people and bad things going on in this world. An oversimplification to say the least. Yet, as we own our relationship to the latter, we must also actively grab hold of the steering wheel and acknowledge the insurmountable presence of GOOD IN PEOPLE.

That which you look for, you will find. And, the downside to social media is that it amplifies a narrative that focuses on fear, divisiveness and negativity.

We have to share... the good with the same veracity that we do the other stuff.

So... here you go!

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Given the police brutality issues over the past few years,...