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  • "I'm a Sinner, I'm a Saint, I'm full of Imperfections, I hate the things I have done, but I can't change them, I'm Chosen, I'm Called, My name was once Saul, But it's been changed to Paul. God is My All and everyday He shows me He is all I need"

    I am a youth pastor to the greatest teenagers and jr. highers, that a person could ask for. I am married to the most beautiful woman on this planet, who supports me no matter what, she loves me for who i am and NOT who she has tried to make...LOL....I Love you Babe....I love to learn from the best, so it can better myself...what you see is what you get!!!
Favorite Quotes
  • I will preach like never before, like a dying man to dying men!.....Whatever it Takes......"If you ever quit learning or you feel like you know everything, its time for you to leave from being a minister of the gospel" Eddie Allen