Here is my latest tutorial. It demonstrates how to deploy a file to an #AWS S3 bucket from the #frontend using #jQuery. Check it out. #ABinaryWorld

Uploading to Amazon S3 with AJAX POST yupitszac 15 Nov, 2016 amazon s3, integration, javascript, jquery, tutorials amazon aws, amazon s3, jquery, post policy No comment Introduction I’ve been on vacation back home in the States for the past few weeks. Things like Techn9ne concerts, public speaking...

Load balancing is a critical component to any application. Take a look at how easy it is to setup classic load balancing on the Amazon Web Services platform.

Get started with basic load balancing tasks using a Classic Load Balancer with Elastic Load Balancing.
It is incredibly windy in Metropolis today. I took this video towards the end of a 30 mile ride today. So windy my top speed was only 24 MPH, compared to the 38 MPH it's been lately.
Generating AWS S3 POST Policy with Ruby yupitszac 2 Sep, 2016 Ruby, technical, tutorials amazon aws, aws s3, post policy, ruby No comment Introduction I recently started a new project at work that required upload and storage of various customer documents. This included things like proof of identity,...

New blog, first post. Learn about using #PHP #Laravel mailables to send emails via #Mailgun #ABinaryWorld

Mailgun & Laravel Mailables yupitszac 1 Sep, 2016 integration, PHP, technical, tutorials integration, laravel-drivers, mailgun, php, sdk No comment Introduction The PHP Larevel framework is one of the most popular PHP frameworks for large and small applications alike. It’s one of my personal favorit...

We all marvel at the amazing technologies we have today that make life easier, more eficient and in some cases more affordable. But, what we don't often think about is what would happen is this technology managed to make it's way into the wrong hands? Are the #ISIS #drones a sign of advancement for the militant group?

Isis is using techniques plundered from movies, video games and news channels to spread its message. Who is masterminding the operation – and what is the best way to counter it? Steve Rose reports

Top Ten Safe Computing Tips from #MIT.

If you have not followed some of these tips before, this information can function as a security checklist. For instructions on how to implement these steps, follow the "learn more" links.

Spending my evening getting a better understanding of the Symfony2 guts. #lamp #php #symfony2

Its #cold, #gloomy and all I want to do is watch #Netflix and have some hot chocolate. Who's with me?

#Sparta just made its first successful voice call in Germany. Call me a dork, but that's cool! #startup #mobile #app #cloud

Yup, it's coming!

Today Apple decided to revamp or update nearly all of it products. But when can you get your hands on everything announced?
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Sparta (my little project) passed test cases. #MongoDB rocks. #NoSQL Now on to #cloud #communications and #geolocation services.

A #mobile #app that calls for #help when you need it? Yup. #Codenamed #Sparta, Im building it. #startup #android #ios #emergency

If you use my jQuery.exLink plugin, update today.Bug/sec fixes. #jQuery #Javascript #exLink #opensource

jQuery.exLink - Use this plugin to open external links and document formats in a new tab, or new window. Fully customizable, documented.

Anyone know of any #php projects looking for contributors? I'm looking for a project! #opensource