We were happy to participate in last night's Kindness Careers Family Night at Genoa Elementary. We were able to share resources with the families in attendance and show the children there why kindness matters in all we do!

"The goal is for the kids to see that kindness is a big deal no matter where you go in life and what career you go into." - teacher Julia Vitale. PHS News

Kindness Careers is a part of Genoa Elementary's art and literacy night. More than 15 organizations will gather to offer resources to parents and discuss

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), kids like Malcolm and so many others have access to the health care that they need to be healthy and safe.

"On this 8t...h anniversary of the ACA, it’s important to pause for a moment to thank everyone who has been a part of the fight to preserve this vital law. You’re making a difference for Malcolm, for our family, and for millions of others who have their own stories to tell about how the ACA is making a difference in their lives. And we need you to stay in this fight with us."

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The Affordable Care Act: A Lifeline for Families Posted on March 22, 2018 by admin By Catherine Beane, Vice President, Advocacy and Public Policy, YWCA USA When the youngest of my four sons was born, everything seemed just fine. He was healthy and vivacious. Cute-as-a-bug’s-ear with all his finger...
Live at Malone University Johnson Center. Help us Take Back The Night , supporting domestic violence victims. Stop by we're here until 8:30pm!
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Joe Ianni
· February 20, 2017
Had a great experience helping out at Love Hair and Happiness. Sometimes you take things for granted and don't realize how fortunate you are with the life you have. Until you witness the less fortunat...e be so greatful with getting a haircut. Brought tears of joy to a lot of eyes seeing smiles of proudness and joy to people there yesterday. Thank you for letting my wife and I to be a part of it. See More
Crystal Nees
· September 23, 2014
You ave helped me and my family so much, we will forever be grateful
Bobby Kidd
· December 30, 2016
What a wonderfully organization. How can Biltmore Help?