We've officially released Dungeon Fall, The first chapter in the Tales From Erda series.

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Dungeon Fall is a story-rich first chapter that begins the saga of Tales from Erda.

resettled in a new town. New Full Time Job, slowly getting back to what I love most... If anyone is listening- Thanks for your patience. I'm still alive and kicking.

I did some edits to Milo, the robot. I think this dehumanized him enough,but I don't want to get much more detailed until I hear back from some other people. It's important for this character to communicate that he is not human, but is certainly self-aware, and alive. And that is unique.
So, I've needed a solid base to animate for prototypes for a while now, but I never took the time to make one. So- tonight I made "Cool Guy" He's going to be the guy I use to prototype for people when they don't have assets to give me to play with. What do you think?
This seems like a big update to me, since I've never worked with REAL 3D models in any of my games. It's starting to get exciting; mixing my programming with legit art.

As of this morning, #Dungeonfall is the 14th in the catagory "$5 and under" at

This is getting kind of cool. We've gotten a bit of a surge in attention. is a simple way to find, download and distribute indie games online. Whether you're a developer looking to upload your game or just someone looking for something new to play has you covered.

My wife is golfing tomorrow(today... it's the wee hours). So I put in another shift tonight since I'll be watching the children all day tomorrow.
added a basic menu, an integrated my item database into it.

It's really starting to look delicious.

Integrated a simple UI to communicate collected items. as of this video, you cannot USE the items yet. However that will be the next thing to do. Player stat...

Some updates to The Dark Speaker's Prince.

This short clip shows some new additions to Tales From Erda: The Dark Speaker's Prince. Added: Guard Character Sprite Party Management System Party Follow Gr...

Working on all the interaction events. Talk to is done, Container is done, Transition to other scene/same scene done.

Next up is creating the game menu to show that it has been collected.
Then Shops
Then Equipment and stat augmentation....
Then NPC movement.
Then Cut scene Logic

Then Enemy Movement
THEN combat, which is basically like a whole game to itself.

I'm in no short supply of things to do!

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I've been working on The Dark Speaker's Prince, The follow up to #DungeonFall. Here's how the dialog system looks so far.

#Unity3D #IndieGame #IndieGameDev #ScreenshotSaturday

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Fancy new business cards for local networking.

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Zachary Van Kleeck - Game Dev updated their cover photo.
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Did some work tonight on my studio logo. What do you think?

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Dungeon fall was finished last night at around 5:30am. Time for some play testing and feedback. Well do a couple edits to smooth the edges and then the game will be released on Google Play. We are also looking at some PC distributers but are not sure when we'll be able to get it on greenlight.

Last day of real development... We are running on Dunkin' Donuts coffee today. #DungeonFall

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This is a game concept my 5 year old daughter came up with.

It's a pretty good idea, I'm proud of her.

My 5 year old daughter had this game concept.I brought it to life for her. We're going to continue developing this as a father daughter project from time to ...

Hey everyone.

I wanted to drop this video here for some feedback.

The game is a interactive story with a "May Only Go Forward" mechanic.


The beginning has a black screen-There will be text, and maybe images at that part.

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I've been doing some freelance stuff lately, but I had some time to add a bit more to Project Void:

Introducing, Dot!

Dot is a Robot that the player will use to manage various gameplay elements. The robot is a multi-faceted tool; flashlight, scanner, free flying camera, etc....