"CANDYMAN" deleted Zack movie cameo
a car commercial.
My deleted scene from Pulp Fiction


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The Saturn Awards

The 2018 #SaturnAward nominees for Best Horror Film Release are:

47 Meters Down (Entertainment Studios)
Annabelle: Creation (Warner Bros. Pictures)
#BetterWatch...Out (Well Go USA)
Get Out (Universal Studios Entertainment)
IT Movie (Warner Bros.)
Mother (Paramount Pictures)

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Somebody left a perfectly good lock!

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If someone makes it rain #bitcoin, you have to just take their word for it for 2-5 business days.

It's my way or the I-280 S to the CA-85 S to the 101 S to the CA-152 E to the 5 S!

I have a camo jacket. I think.

#WebMD says I either have fibromyalgia or am out of mustard.

A Pennywise for your thoughts? 🎈

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Really looking forward to #Sundance because I know a lot of good people in LA who otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity to wear winter hats.

When they stop making Cheese n’ Crackers, that little red plastic stick factory is fucked!

My spirit animal is a rescue.

Knock knock / Who’s there? / I’m here to fix your doorbell

It’d be super hard to pick a penguin out of a lineup.

If you think it’s ok to get intoxicated & then order stuff on Amazon, you’ve got another thing coming!

‪Don’t you hate it when you think you really know somebody and it turns out to just be 2 kids in a giant overcoat?‬