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Muhammad Mahadi Isa is making sales in Kano, Nigeria.

Moringa (Zogale)


Ganyen ZOGALE (Moring Leaves)

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ZOGALE (Moringa Tree)

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ZOGALE (moringa leaves powder)

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Ancient Indian folklore says this tree will prevent over
300 known diseases. Is Moringa really the Miracle tree
that mankind has used for medicinal purposes for over ...
thousands of years?

Absolutely! Science is finally confirming what ancient
cultures and many sub-tropical and tropical peoples
have already known from first hand
experience....Moringa is the miracle tree. the Moringa
oliefera tree will even sustain life if that was all a
person had to eat.

It seems that the more this fast-growing, almost
indestructible , drought-resistant miracle tree is
studied, the more Moringa Oleifera reveals her
nutritional wonders.

From the seeds, the pods, the bark, roots and leaves,
the moringa tree is the most generous giver of life
enhancing nutrients.

Even on their own, the leaves of this tree are
noteworthy. Clinical studies are now revealing what
traditional medicine practitioners in many countries
have been proclaiming. Moringa leaves can cure a host
of diseases. It is truly a miracle tree.

Nutritional lab analyses are showing that the moringa
leaves are very high in protein and contain all of the
essential amino acids, including two amino acids that
are especially important for children's diets. The leaves
of this miracle tree have a similar complete amino acid
ratio as meat. This is very rare in a plant food. In fact
beans come a close second but are not as complete.

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Introducing Moringa Oleifera
I would like to warmly introduce to you Moringa Oleifera. It is a small, shrub or tree that can reach 12m (36 ft) in height at maturity and can live for up to 20 years. A short but intense life...A life in the fast lane: Moringa is perhaps the fastest-growing of all trees as it can reach 3m (9 ft) in just 10 monthsafter the seed is planted. It has deep roots, and therefore it can survive in dry regions, and a wide-open crown with a single stem.

Mo...ringa is a healer, food magician, beauty and beautician, a plant with surprising water purification capabilities, a best friend and humanitarian who works for so little. It is one of the most usefull trees on earth. Moringa makes a major contribution to human and animal health; in many cases, it can mean the difference between life and death. Absolutely no negative effects to daily consumption of Moringa leaves have ever been reported.

As a healing plant, Moringa is even more amazing. There is much evidence from around the world, from various traditions and cultures that have used this Miracle Tree for so many ailments and troubles.

The leaves are believed to have a stabilizing effect on blood pressure and control glucose levels. They are also used to treat anxiety,diarrhea and inflammation of the colon, skin infections, scurvy, intestinal parasites, and many other conditions.

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Tree of Life Health Foods started with a single product: the most extraordinary botanical on the face of the planet known as Moringa Oleifera. It is a tree that is native to only a few places in the Eastern Hemisphere. We have adopted the tree because of its remarkable nutritional value and its historic use as a medicinal remedy for many conditions. It has been used in the Orient and in India by herbalists and Ayervedic healers for centuries to prevent and treat over 300 know...n diseases. The leaves, the parts of the tree that have the most concentration of nutrients, are used as superfood containing 24 vitamins, minerals, all of the amino acids, fiber, and protein. In areas of the world where food, advanced agriculture, and water are lacking, the Moringa tree flourishes. Moringa is a life-saving supplement for people who face starvation, malnutrition and nutrition related illnesses on a daily basis.

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Imagine a tree in your backyard that will meet all your nutritional needs, take care of you medicinally, and purify your water for you. This tree actually exists. For centuries, the natives of northern India and many parts of Africa have known of the many benefits of Moringa oleifera. Its uses are as unique as the names it is known by, such as clarifier tree, horseradish tree and drumstick tree (referring to the large drumstick shaped pods) and in East Africa it is called "mother's best friend”. Virtually every part of the tree can be used. Native only to the foothills of the Himalayas, it is now widely cultivated in Africa, Central and South America, Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia and the Philippines. This tree, though little known in the Western world, is nutritional dynamite. There are literally hundreds of uses for this tree.