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Traveling from Helsinki to ZOO? Take it easy with the Zoo PARTYBUS. Reserve your seat NOW!

The exclusive ZOO partybus will take you from Helsinki to Zoo and back with a guaranteed jolly mood!

There's around one and half months to Zooparty which means you still have plenty of time to prepare releases for our competitions. Though it's all done more for fun, we still give-out nice small prizes in all the compo categories (graphics, music, programming etc).

What we want is YOU to make something on Commodore 64 and release it at ZOO. It does not matter if you're experienced C-64 scener, a newbie who never tried out the machine or a scener from some other platform – cha...llenge yourself and provide us with something. Remote entries as welcome as well.

The upcoming days we'll give some tips how to do stuff for C-64 with hardware of today… and we start with graphics:

If you're into drawing, we give three competition cathegories to join: normal C-64 graphics (any format), PETSCII graphics (pure P, nothing else) and floppy disc cover (yes, do it on paper and provide us a scan – download a template here: ).

If you're not familiar with Commodore 64 graphics, that's not a problem these days – yes, the post-millenium editors DO have even UNDO and much more. This is the top 3 graphics tool selection for from ZOO to you:

PIXEL POLIZEI is your little helper when you want to put your C-64 pixels together with your familiar tool such as Gimp or Photoshop. This small tool by Marq lets you to check if the image will work in the wanted image format – let that be traditional multicolor or something else.

MULTIPAINT by Dr.TerrorZ will give you more authentic experience. This "deluxepaintish" programme provides you great variety of tools to pixel an image from scratch into the final PRG-file. There are multiple image formats supported and the actual editor provides you basicly everything you need.

If you're into text art or looking something even more challenging you might want to try out PETSCII that's another excellent editor by Marq. PETSCII gives you a 256 character set and 16 colours and that's everything you have . The editor itself answers to any question you need to know. Supports also simple animations.

All these tools are totally free, available for both PC and Mac and support as well many other end platform besides C-64.

Time to challenge yourself!


Pixel Polizei:

Disc cover template:

Rules for the compos held at ZOO:

(Image by Ilesj of Triad, winner of ZOO'15 main graphics competition)

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