New Swans! It's sounding much stronger than their last album, which was massively overrated for what they can potentially do, in my opinion.

Swans "To Be Kind" out May 12th (13th U.S.) via Young God Records / Mute. Pre-Order "To Be Kind" on iTunes / the official Swans store on March 31st 2014 Swan...

Here's a short preview of a new song that I'm working on. Any listeners are very much appreciated.

A short, instrumental demo of a new song.

It's been a long time since I've shared some music, so here's a taste of what I've been up to. It's an excerpt of a WIP cover song. If anyone gets the original, I'll be very impressed.

I've learned a lot about mixing and sound design since the last album, so I hope that's paying off here! Hope you enjoy.

A WIP cover song, still needs vocals. If anyone gets what the original is I'll be very impressed. It's a faithful cover, too, not massively differ...

GoFight's new single is fantastic, Jim Marcus is one of the top producers around.

4 track album

Mobildethvan is probably my favourite track off of Absolute Order. So I figured I'd throw out the first demo version of it. It's pretty raw and has a sort of Gabba style bass drum. Have fuuuun!

Old demo version of Mobildethvan. The final version is probably my favourite track on the album, Absolute Order, so I figured I'd throw out the fir...

Gary Numan is essential listening for those into melancholy. Just listen to this:

Yet another Top 10 hit with this single from 1980. It was promoted big time in the USA on various formats and added to the US release of the album Telekon al...

The Z-taxia soundcloud page has a few tracks that didn't make the album. Go explore around, and perhaps follow me if you're an active soundcloud user. New material on the way!

"A mind explodes, while a universe implodes"

"Pay what you want" album here -

I was interviewed on Perth radio 92.1 last night, you can listen to the full show in the link below. It's 2 hours of electro-industrial and EBM goodness, so it's a fine way to be entertained while you're at work I'm sure!…

Our re-stream should play directly in all popular browsers on Windows and Mac PCs as well as iPhone, iPad and later model Android devices.

A news piece was written about Z-taxia over at Brutal Resonance. Go check it out!

Brutal Resonance news: Australian Z-taxia releases debut album mastered by Leaether Strip

A great review of Distorted Memorie's excellent EP. If you haven't heard it yet, get in on it. Powerful and cinematic, perfect for late night listening.

Brutal Resonance review: Distorted Memory - Temple Of The Black Star (Dark Electro, Witch House)

Next album is turning out to be 90% hardware synths. Loving the work flow too, much more fun than the years spent on software instruments.

Amduscia's remix of "Null The Void".

Check it out! Amduscia Official

Let the chords wash over you..

Single from the Album Book of Days.

I've been a bit quiet lately (busy making music , time to break that.

I've been listening to Front Line Assembly's track "Lose" a lot lately. It's absolutely amazing, very emotional for an instrumental electronic bit of music.

Front line assembly Album: Airmech (2012.11.13.) Please buy the album

Here's a review of Absolute Order in Japanese. Happy to say it was well received! Many thanks to the reviewer.

A.K. WoodmanseyによるAustralian Atmospheric Electronic RockプロジェクトZ-Taxiaが、デビュー・アルバムとなる「Absolute Order」をリリース★自身の音楽性をAtmosphe
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May 29, 2013

Z-taxia makes an appearance on this week's Ritual Transmission with Amduscia Official's remix on Null The Void, alongside some great artists. Have a listen and zone out for an hour.…/riul-rnsmission-mix-tape-week-of…/

New mix-tape for the week ending 6/1, features tracks from Serrated Embryo, Mixed Messages, Suspension IX, I.VII.I.IX, M‡яc▲ll▲, and much more...