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In US wird man als Eltern vor das Vormundschaftsgericht gezerrt wenn man sein T1 Diabetes Kind mit einer nährstoffreichen Low Carb Ernährung versorgt und so für hervorragende Werte sorgt. Wie krank ist das?

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DiaVerge - Low Carb Diabetes Management

Parents are scared-- and rightfully so.

I started contacting parents of low-carb T1 children over two years ago, with a survey asking what type of support (or ...lack thereof) they received from their child's medical team.

Several parents talked about verbal abuse from Endocrinologists and Dietitians, threats of having Child Protective Services (CPS) involved, and absolute distrust from their doctors that they, as parents, were doing what was best for their kids' long-term health.

Parents were scared to talk with me.

Some parents didn't want to use names, and I was advised to stop the survey because others didn't want to answer at all.

And -- these parents could prove they were feeding their children whole, healthy foods, tons of vegetables & protein-- all the while achieving normal, non-diabetic blood sugar levels AND normal growth rates. These parents are well-informed, they're doing what is right, but it's difficult to fight medical professionals when they tell you that this way of eating will kill your child.

Now, there IS a case... and I'm so angry.

A mother in the USA who is providing a low carb, nutrient dense diet for her T1 daughter just received an order from the CPS requiring her to increase her daughter's carb intake to 130g /day with threats that if she doesn't, she'll lose custody. This will all be tracked through her pump records, which the Endo can access and report.
(*Please note this is a CPS order, not a court order as was previously stated.)

This mandate is WRONG and I want you to share this story far and wide.

There is no proof that a diet low in carbohydrates will harm anyone.

THERE IS PROOF that a high carb diet, which causes huge blood sugar swings and high overall blood sugar levels, will cause diabetic complications that affect every cell of the body. This causes horrible outcomes such as amputations, blindness, kidney failure, and death.

I am livid about this. We all need to stand up and say this is wrong. We'll be following this story closely and helping in any way possible.

I'm digging up the old survey results now....


Thank you to everyone here for your support!

I received a note from the mother mentioned in this post and I want to pass on a few details:

She stressed that there is no court order but it is a CPS mandate to follow the one doctor's opinion (text above noted with this correction and I'm trying to replace the post photo). She is currently looking for a low-carb-supportive board certified pediatric endocrinologist who would be willing to testify as an expert witness at the custody trial in July.

If you know of anyone who can help, please send a PM to DiaVerge - Low Carb Diabetes Management with information. Thank you!!


21 May UPDATE:
There is now a place to donate to help with expenses and fees. Please help if you can: #rally4ruth

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